Adjustment Upon Issuance of Common Stock Pending Listing Sample Clauses

Adjustment upon Issuance of Common Stock Pending Listing. Until such time as the Common Stock of the Company is listed on a National Exchange (as defined in the Purchase Agreement), if and whenever on or after the date of the Purchase Agreement, the Company issues or sells, publicly announces the contemplated issuance or sale, or in accordance with this Section 3 is deemed to have issued or sold, any stock or securities directly or indirectly convertible into or exercisable or exchangeable for shares of Common Stock (“Convertible Securities”), or any rights, warrants or options to subscribe for or purchase shares of Common Stock or Convertible Securities (“Options”) (including the issuance or sale of shares of Common Stock owned or held by or for the account of the Company, but excluding shares of Common Stock deemed to have been issued or sold by the Company (x) to employees, officers or directors of the Company pursuant to any stock or option plan or employee stock purchase plan duly adopted for such purpose, by a majority of the non-employee members of the Board of Directors or a majority of the members of a committee of non-employee directors established for such purpose for services rendered to the Company, or (y) upon the exercise or exchange of or conversion of any securities issued pursuant to the Purchase Agreement and/or other securities exercisable or exchangeable for or convertible into shares of Common Stock issued and outstanding on the date of the Purchase Agreement, provided that such securities have not been amended since the date of the Purchase Agreement to increase the number of such securities or to decrease the exercise price, exchange price or conversion price of such securities (other than in connection with stock splits or combinations) or to extend the term of such securities (“Excluded Securities”), for a consideration per share (the “New Issuance Price”) less than a price (the “Applicable Price”) equal to the Exercise Price in effect immediately prior to such issuance or sale or deemed issuance or sale (the foregoing a “Dilutive Issuance”), then immediately after such Dilutive Issuance, the Exercise Price then in effect shall be reduced to an amount equal to the New Issuance Price. For purposes of determining the adjusted Exercise Price under this Section 3(e), the following shall be applicable: