Accountable Sample Clauses

Accountable for a decision: The stakeholder ultimately answerable for the decision that has been made and the one who delegates the work to those responsible.
Accountable. The Council is aware of being publicity funded in everything it does and conducts its business in a manner which demonstrates appropriate competitive practice.• The Council will maintain appropriate trading accounts under proper accounting practice.• The Council will use public performance reporting to inform stakeholders on the quality of service being delivered and what can be expected in the future.
Accountable we are accountable to a range of stakeholders, not least clients and the regulated community itself, and so we try our best to ensure our regulatory activities demonstrate accountability to all those with a vested interest. To this end, our Code of Conduct sets out the Outcomes our regulatory arrangements seek to deliver to clients.
Accountable assuring that follow-up is both directly planned for and inclusive of the appropriate duty-bearers (decision-makers) and Rightsholders (affected people).
Accountable. We plan well, we measure our performance and we are accountable for delivering outcomes.
Accountable. So that participation is not aone-off event, mechanisms need to be in place to ensure follow-up, implementation of youth deci- sions and accountability to youth constituencies.
Accountable adjective) – answerable, responsible, liable.
Accountable full records should be maintained of all decisions to impose solitary confinement and of all reviews of the decisions. These records should evidence all the factors which have been taken into account and the information on which they were based. There should also be a record of the prisoner’s input or refusal to contribute to the decision-making process. Further, full records should be kept of all interactions with staff while the prisoner is in solitary confinement, including attempts by staff to engage with the prisoner and the prisoner’s response.