A Registration Statement Sample Clauses

A Registration Statement. A registration statement on Form 8-A (File No. 001-35892) in respect of the registration of the ADSs and the Underlying Securities under the Exchange Act has been filed with the Commission; such registration statement in the form heretofore delivered to the Managers and to the Managers for each of the other Underwriters, has been declared effective by the Commission in such form; no other document with respect to such registration statement has heretofore been filed with the Commission; no stop order suspending the effectiveness of such registration statement has been issued and no proceeding for that purpose has been initiated or, to the knowledge of the Company, threatened by the Commission (the various parts of such registration statement, including all exhibits thereto, each as amended at the time such part of the registration statement became effective, being hereinafter called the “Form 8-A Registration Statement”); and the Form 8-A Registration Statement when it became effective conformed, and any further amendments thereto will conform, in all material respects to the requirements of the Exchange Act and the rules and regulations of the Commission thereunder, and did not and will not, as of the applicable effective date, contain an untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state a material fact required to be stated therein or necessary to make the statements therein not misleading.
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A Registration Statement. (File No. ______________) with respect to the Company has been prepared by the Company in accordance with applicable requirements of the Securities Act of 1933 as amended (the "Securities Act"), and the applicable rules and regulations of the SEC thereunder (the "Rules and Regulations") covering the Shares. Said Registration Statement includes a final prospectus filed with the SEC on ____________________, 2001 and was declared effective by the SEC on ____________________, 2001. Copies of such Registration Statement and each amendment thereto, and copies of the final prospectus included in such Registration Statement and any supplement, have been or will be delivered to the Selected Dealer. (The registration statement and the prospectus included therein at such date as finally amended and revised at the effective date of the registration statement are hereinafter referred to, respectively, as the "Registration Statement" and the "Prospectus", except that if the prospectus first filed by the Company pursuant to Rule 424(b) under the Securities Act shall differ from the

Related to A Registration Statement

  • Filing Registration Statement The Company shall use its best efforts to, as expeditiously as possible after receipt of a request for a Demand Registration pursuant to Section 2.1, prepare and file with the Commission a Registration Statement on any form for which the Company then qualifies or which counsel for the Company shall deem appropriate and which form shall be available for the sale of all Registrable Securities to be registered thereunder in accordance with the intended method(s) of distribution thereof, and shall use its best efforts to cause such Registration Statement to become effective and use its best efforts to keep it effective for the period required by Section 3.1.3; provided, however, that the Company shall have the right to defer any Demand Registration for up to thirty (30) days, and any Piggy-Back Registration for such period as may be applicable to deferment of any demand registration to which such Piggy-Back Registration relates, in each case if the Company shall furnish to the holders a certificate signed by the President or Chairman of the Company stating that, in the good faith judgment of the Board of Directors of the Company, it would be materially detrimental to the Company and its shareholders for such Registration Statement to be effected at such time; provided further, however, that the Company shall not have the right to exercise the right set forth in the immediately preceding proviso more than once in any 365-day period in respect of a Demand Registration hereunder.

  • Rule 462(b) Registration Statement In the event that a Rule 462(b) Registration Statement is filed in connection with the offering contemplated by this Agreement, such Rule 462(b) Registration Statement shall have been filed with the Commission on the date of this Agreement and shall have become effective automatically upon such filing.

  • Additional Registration Statement To the extent that the Registration Statement is not available for the sales of the Shares as contemplated by this Agreement, the Company shall file a new registration statement with respect to any additional shares of Common Stock necessary to complete such sales of the Shares and shall cause such registration statement to become effective as promptly as practicable. After the effectiveness of any such registration statement, all references to “Registration Statement” included in this Agreement shall be deemed to include such new registration statement, including all documents incorporated by reference therein pursuant to Item 12 of Form S-3, and all references to “Base Prospectus” included in this Agreement shall be deemed to include the final form of prospectus, including all documents incorporated therein by reference, included in any such registration statement at the time such registration statement became effective.

  • Additional Registration Statements Until the Applicable Date (as defined below) and at any time thereafter while any Registration Statement is not effective or the prospectus contained therein is not available for use or any Current Public Information Failure (as defined in the Registration Rights Agreement) exists, the Company shall not file a registration statement or an offering statement under the 1933 Act relating to securities that are not the Registrable Securities (other than a registration statement on Form S-8 or such supplements or amendments to registration statements that are outstanding and have been declared effective by the SEC as of the date hereof (solely to the extent necessary to keep such registration statements effective and available and not with respect to any Subsequent Placement)). “Applicable Date” means the earlier of (x) the first date on which the resale by the Buyers of all the Registrable Securities required to be filed on the initial Registration Statement (as defined in the Registration Rights Agreement) pursuant to the Registration Rights Agreement is declared effective by the SEC (and each prospectus contained therein is available for use on such date) or (y) the first date on which all of the Registrable Securities are eligible to be resold by the Buyers pursuant to Rule 144 (or, if a Current Public Information Failure has occurred and is continuing, such later date after which the Company has cured such Current Public Information Failure).

  • Resale Registration Statement Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Company will provide to the Purchasers the resale registration rights described in the Registration Rights Agreement.

  • Filing of Registration Statement The Company has filed with the Commission a registration statement, and an amendment or amendments thereto, on Form F-1 (File No. 333-234654), including any related prospectus or prospectuses, for the registration of the Securities under the Securities Act, which registration statement and amendment or amendments have been prepared by the Company in conformity with the requirements of the Securities Act. Except as the context may otherwise require, such registration statement, as amended, on file with the Commission at the time the registration statement became effective (including the Preliminary Prospectus included in the registration statement, financial statements, schedules, exhibits and all other documents filed as a part thereof or incorporated therein and all information deemed to be a part thereof as of the Effective Date pursuant to paragraph (b) of Rule 430A of the Securities Act (the “Rule 430A Information”), is referred to herein as the “Registration Statement.” If the Company files any registration statement pursuant to Rule 462(b) of the Securities Act, then after such filing, the term “Registration Statement” shall include such registration statement filed pursuant to Rule 462(b). The Registration Statement has been declared effective by the Commission on the date hereof. Each prospectus used prior to the effectiveness of the Registration Statement, and each prospectus that omitted the Rule 430A Information that was used after such effectiveness and prior to the execution and delivery of this Agreement, is herein called a “Preliminary Prospectus.” The Preliminary Prospectus, subject to completion and filed with the Commission on [●], 2020, that was included in the Registration Statement immediately prior to the Applicable Time (as defined below) is hereinafter called the “Pricing Prospectus.” The final prospectus in the form first furnished to the Underwriters for use in the Offering is hereinafter called the “Prospectus.” Any reference to the “most recent Preliminary Prospectus” shall be deemed to refer to the latest Preliminary Prospectus included in the Registration Statement. For purposes of this Agreement:

  • Registration Statement Form Registrations under this Section 2.1 shall be on such appropriate registration form of the Commission as shall be reasonably selected by the Company.

  • Copies of Registration Statement The Company will furnish the Dealer Manager with one signed copy of the Registration Statement, including its exhibits, and such additional copies of the Registration Statement, without exhibits, and the Prospectus and all amendments and supplements thereto, which are finally approved by the Commission, as the Dealer Manager may reasonably request for sale of the Shares.

  • The Registration Statement (a) As promptly as practicable after the date hereof, the Purchaser shall prepare with the reasonable assistance of the Company, and file with the SEC a registration statement on Form S-4 (as amended or supplemented from time to time, and including the Proxy Statement contained therein, the “Registration Statement”) in connection with the registration under the Securities Act of the Purchaser Common Stock to be issued under this Agreement as the Merger Consideration Shares, which Registration Statement will also contain a proxy statement (as amended, the “Proxy Statement”) for the purpose of soliciting proxies from Purchaser stockholders for the matters to be acted upon at the Purchaser Special Meeting and providing the Public Stockholders an opportunity in accordance with the Purchaser’s Organizational Documents and the IPO Prospectus to have their shares of Purchaser Common Stock redeemed (the “Redemption”) in conjunction with the stockholder vote on the Stockholder Approval Matters. The Proxy Statement shall include proxy materials for the purpose of soliciting proxies from Purchaser stockholders to vote, at an extraordinary general meeting of Purchaser stockholders to be called and held for such purpose (the “Purchaser Special Meeting”), in favor of resolutions approving (i) the adoption and approval of this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby or referred to herein, including the Merger (and, to the extent required, the issuance of any shares in connection with the PIPE Investment), by the holders of shares of Purchaser Common Stock in accordance with the Purchaser’s Organizational Documents, the DGCL and the rules and regulations of the SEC and NYSE, (ii) the change of name of the Purchaser and the adoption and approval of the Amended Organizational Documents, (iii) adoption and approval of a new equity incentive plan in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Company Stockholder and the Purchaser (the “Incentive Plan”), and which will provide for awards for a number of shares of Purchaser Common Stock equal to ten percent (10%) of the aggregate number of shares of Purchaser Common Stock issued and outstanding immediately after the Closing (giving effect to the Redemption), (iv) the appointment of the members of the Post-Closing Purchaser Board in accordance with Section 6.17 hereof, (v) such other matters as the Company and Purchaser shall hereafter mutually determine to be necessary or appropriate in order to effect the Merger and the other transactions contemplated by this Agreement (the approvals described in foregoing clauses (i) through (v), collectively, the “Stockholder Approval Matters”), and (vi) the adjournment of the Purchaser Special Meeting, if necessary or desirable in the reasonable determination of Purchaser. If on the date for which the Purchaser Special Meeting is scheduled, Purchaser has not received proxies representing a sufficient number of shares to obtain the Required Stockholder Approval, whether or not a quorum is present, Purchaser may make one or more successive postponements or adjournments of the Purchaser Special Meeting. In connection with the Registration Statement, Purchaser will file with the SEC financial and other information about the transactions contemplated by this Agreement in accordance with applicable Law and applicable proxy solicitation and registration statement rules set forth in the Purchaser’s Organizational Documents, the DGCL and the rules and regulations of the SEC and NYSE. Purchaser shall cooperate and provide the Company (and its counsel) with a reasonable opportunity to review and comment on the Registration Statement and any amendment or supplement thereto prior to filing the same with the SEC. The Company shall provide Purchaser with such information concerning the Company and its stockholders, officers, directors, employees, assets, Liabilities, condition (financial or otherwise), business and operations that may be required or appropriate for inclusion in the Registration Statement, or in any amendments or supplements thereto, which information provided by the Company shall be true and correct and not contain any untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state a material fact necessary in order to make the statements made, in light of the circumstances under which they were made, not materially misleading.

  • Delivery of Registration Statement To the extent not available on the Commission’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system or any successor system (“XXXXX”), upon the request of the Representatives, to furnish promptly to the Representatives and to counsel for the Underwriters a signed copy of the Registration Statement as originally filed with the Commission, and of each amendment thereto filed with the Commission, including all consents and exhibits filed therewith.