A Guaranty Sample Clauses

A Guaranty a Guarantor Security Agreement, a Guarantor Subordination Agreement and such UCC-1 financing statements as the Administrative Agent may request, from each Subsidiary of the Parent organized or acquired following the Effective Date, other than any Subsidiary as to which the Parent has demonstrated to the reasonable satisfaction of the Administrative Agent that the execution and delivery by such Subsidiary of a Guaranty would:
A Guaranty duly executed by the Guarantor which shall replace and supersede the existing Guaranty of Guarantor.
A Guaranty. Eduardo Eurnekian hereby irrevocably and unconditionally -------- guarantees to the Buyers as a principal obligor, not merely a surety, the perfomance by Basilia Jaliquias and Natalio Wende of their obligations under this Agreement.
A Guaranty properly executed by Guarantor, pursuant to which Guarantor unconditionally guarantees the full and prompt payment of all Obligations.

Related to A Guaranty

  • Guaranty Agreement FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, and in consideration of the agreement of Lewis F. Weinberg, (the "Developer") to permit deferral of the $160,000 due from 505 West Main Limited Partnership a South Dakota limited partnership ("Debtor") to the Developer, the undersigned Guarantor(s), hereby unconditionally guarantees the full and prompt payment when due, whether by acceleration or otherwise of that certain Developer Fee from Debtor to the Developer, evidenced by the Development Fee Agreement dated the even date herewith, and incorporated herein by this reference. The foregoing described debt is referred to hereinafter as the "Liabilities" or "Liability." The undersigned further agree to pay all expenses paid or incurred by the Debtor or Developer in endeavoring to collect the Liabilities, or any part thereof, and in enforcing the Liabilities or this Guaranty Agreement (including reasonable attorneys' fees if collected or enforced by law or through an attorney-at-law). The undersigned hereby represents and warrants that the extension of credit or other financial accommodations by the Developer to Debtor will be to the interest and advantage of the undersigned, and acknowledges that this Guaranty Agreement is a substantial inducement to the Developer to extend credit to Debtor and that the Developer would not otherwise extend credit to Debtor. Debtor or Developer may, from time to time, without notice to or consent of the undersigned, (a) retain or obtain a security interest in any property to secure any of the Liabilities or any obligation hereunder, (b) retain or obtain the primary or secondary liability of any party or parties, in addition to the undersigned, with respect to any of the Liabilities and (c) resort to the undersigned for payment of any of the Liabilities, whether or not the Debtor or Developer shall have resorted to any property securing any of the Liabilities or any obligation hereunder or shall have preceded against any other party primarily or secondarily liable on any of the Liabilities. Debtor and Developer must mutually agree to (a) extend or renew for any period this Agreement (whether or not longer than the original period) or alter any of the Liabilities, (b) release or compromise any Liability of the undersigned hereunder or any Liability of any other party or parties primarily or secondarily liable on any of the Liabilities, or (c) release, compromise or subordinate its title or security interest, or any part thereof, if any, in all or any property now or hereafter securing any of the Liabilities or any obligation hereunder, and permit any substitution or exchange for any such property,

  • Guaranty Each Loan Guarantor (other than those that have delivered a separate Guaranty) hereby agrees that it is jointly and severally liable for, and, as a primary obligor and not merely as surety, absolutely, unconditionally and irrevocably guarantees to the Secured Parties, the prompt payment when due, whether at stated maturity, upon acceleration or otherwise, and at all times thereafter, of the Secured Obligations and all costs and expenses, including, without limitation, all court costs and attorneys’ and paralegals’ fees (including allocated costs of in-house counsel and paralegals) and expenses paid or incurred by the Administrative Agent, the Issuing Bank and the Lenders in endeavoring to collect all or any part of the Secured Obligations from, or in prosecuting any action against, any Borrower, any Loan Guarantor or any other guarantor of all or any part of the Secured Obligations (such costs and expenses, together with the Secured Obligations, collectively the “Guaranteed Obligations”; provided, however, that the definition of “Guaranteed Obligations” shall not create any guarantee by any Loan Guarantor of (or grant of security interest by any Loan Guarantor to support, as applicable) any Excluded Swap Obligations of such Loan Guarantor for purposes of determining any obligations of any Loan Guarantor). Each Loan Guarantor further agrees that the Guaranteed Obligations may be extended or renewed in whole or in part without notice to or further assent from it, and that it remains bound upon its guarantee notwithstanding any such extension or renewal. All terms of this Loan Guaranty apply to and may be enforced by or on behalf of any domestic or foreign branch or Affiliate of any Lender that extended any portion of the Guaranteed Obligations.

  • Cross-Guaranty Each Borrower hereby agrees that such Borrower is jointly and severally liable for, and hereby absolutely and unconditionally guarantees to Agent and Lenders and their respective successors and assigns, the full and prompt payment (whether at stated maturity, by acceleration or otherwise) and performance of, all Obligations owed or hereafter owing to Agent and Lenders by each other Borrower. Each Borrower agrees that its guaranty obligation hereunder is a continuing guaranty of payment and performance and not of collection, that its obligations under this Section 12 shall not be discharged until payment and performance, in full, of the Obligations has occurred, and that its obligations under this Section 12 shall be absolute and unconditional, irrespective of, and unaffected by,

  • The Guaranty Each of the Guarantors hereby jointly and severally guarantees to each Lender, each Affiliate of a Lender that enters into a Swap Contract or a Treasury Management Agreement with a Loan Party, and the Administrative Agent as hereinafter provided, as primary obligor and not as surety, the prompt payment of the Obligations in full when due (whether at stated maturity, as a mandatory prepayment, by acceleration, as a mandatory cash collateralization or otherwise) strictly in accordance with the terms thereof. The Guarantors hereby further agree that if any of the Obligations are not paid in full when due (whether at stated maturity, as a mandatory prepayment, by acceleration, as a mandatory cash collateralization or otherwise), the Guarantors will, jointly and severally, promptly pay the same, without any demand or notice whatsoever, and that in the case of any extension of time of payment or renewal of any of the Obligations, the same will be promptly paid in full when due (whether at extended maturity, as a mandatory prepayment, by acceleration, as a mandatory cash collateralization or otherwise) in accordance with the terms of such extension or renewal. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary contained herein or in any other of the Loan Documents, Swap Contracts or Treasury Management Agreements, the obligations of each Guarantor under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents shall be limited to an aggregate amount equal to the largest amount that would not render such obligations subject to avoidance under the Debtor Relief Laws or any comparable provisions of any applicable state law.

  • Holdings Guaranty Duly executed originals of the Holdings Guaranty, dated the Closing Date, and all documents, instruments and agreements executed pursuant thereto.

  • Subsidiary Guaranty As promptly as possible but in any event within thirty (30) days (or such later date as may agreed upon by the Administrative Agent) after any Person becomes a Subsidiary, other than an “Excluded Subsidiary,” or a Subsidiary ceases to be an “Excluded Subsidiary” (in each case under definition of that term), the Borrower shall provide the Administrative Agent with written notice thereof setting forth information in reasonable detail describing the material assets of such Person and shall cause each such Subsidiary to deliver to the Administrative Agent the Subsidiary Guaranty pursuant to which such Subsidiary agrees to be bound by the terms and provisions of thereof, such Subsidiary Guaranty to be accompanied by appropriate authorizing resolutions, other Organic Documents and legal opinions in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent and its counsel.

  • Guaranty Agreements Any Guaranty Agreement or any provision thereof shall for any reason cease to be in full force and effect or valid and binding on or enforceable against any Credit Party or a Credit Party shall so state in writing or bring an action to limit its obligations or liabilities thereunder; or any Credit Party shall fail to perform any of its obligations thereunder; or

  • Parent Guaranty The Parent hereby, jointly and severally, together with the Subsidiary Guarantors under the Subsidiary Guaranty, absolutely and unconditionally guaranties to the holders from time to time of the Notes: (i) the full and prompt payment of the principal of all of the Notes and of the interest thereon at the rate therein stipulated and the Make-Whole Amount (if any), when and as the same shall become due and payable, whether by lapse of time, upon redemption or prepayment, by extension or by acceleration or declaration, or otherwise (including (to the extent legally enforceable) interest due on overdue payments of principal, Make-Whole Amount (if any) or interest at the rate set forth in the Notes) and all other amounts from time to time owing by the Issuer under this Agreement and under the Notes (including, without limitation, costs and expenses), (ii) the full and prompt performance and observance by the Issuer of each and all of the obligations, covenants and agreements required to be performed or observed by the Issuer under the terms of the Notes and this Agreement and (iii) the full and prompt payment, upon demand by any holder of the Notes, of all costs and expenses, legal or otherwise (including attorneys’ fees) and such expenses, if any, as shall have been expended or incurred in the protection or enforcement of any right or privilege under the Notes or this Agreement, including, without limitation, in any consultation or action in connection therewith, subject to the limitations set forth in Section 15.1 of this Agreement. The guaranty of the Notes herein provided for is a guaranty of the immediate and timely payment of the principal and interest on the Notes and the Make-Whole Amount (if any) as and when the same are due and payable and shall not be deemed to be a guaranty only of the collectability of such payments and therefore each holder of the Notes may sue the Parent directly upon such principal, interest and Make-Whole Amount (if any) becoming so due and payable.

  • Limited Guaranty (a) To induce the Guaranteed Party to enter into an Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of the date of this Limited Guaranty (as amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, the “Merger Agreement”), by and among Orient TM Parent Limited, a Cayman Islands company (“Parent”), Orient TM Merger Limited, a Cayman Islands company (“Merger Sub”) and the Guaranteed Party, pursuant to which Merger Sub will merge with and into the Guaranteed Party, with the Guaranteed Party surviving the merger and become a wholly owned subsidiary of Parent, each Guarantor, intending to be legally bound, hereby absolutely, unconditionally and irrevocably guarantees to the Guaranteed Party, as the primary obligor and not merely as surety, on the terms and subject to the conditions herein, the due and punctual payment, performance and discharge of 10% of the payment obligations of Parent to the Guaranteed Party under Sections 6.08(b), 8.06(b) and 8.06(c) of the Merger Agreement as and when due (the “Guaranteed Obligations”), provided, that in no event shall the Guarantors’ liability under this Limited Guaranty exceed an amount equal to (a) US$710,000 (the “Maximum Amount”) minus (b) any portion of the Guaranteed Obligations actually paid by Parent or Merger Sub in accordance with the terms hereof and under the Merger Agreement; provided, further, that the Guarantors shall have no obligations with respect to the payment obligations of Parent under Sections 6.08(b) and 8.06(c) unless the underlying expenses are evidenced by invoice or other written evidence, in each case, to the reasonable satisfaction of the Guarantors. This Limited Guaranty may be enforced for the payment of money only. All payments hereunder shall be made in United States dollars, in immediately available funds. The Guarantors shall make all payments hereunder free and clear of any deduction, offset, defense, claim or counterclaim of any kind, except as expressly provided in this Limited Guaranty. Each Guarantor acknowledges that the Guaranteed Party entered into the transactions contemplated by the Merger Agreement in reliance on this Limited Guaranty.

  • Unconditional Guaranty The Company hereby absolutely, unconditionally and irrevocably guarantees the punctual payment when due, whether at scheduled maturity or on any date of a required prepayment or by acceleration, demand or otherwise, of all obligations of each Designated Subsidiary now or hereafter existing under or in respect of this Agreement and the Notes (including, without limitation, any extensions, modifications, substitutions, amendments or renewals of any or all of the foregoing obligations), whether direct or indirect, absolute or contingent, and whether for principal, interest, premiums, fees, indemnities, contract causes of action, costs, expenses or otherwise (such obligations being the “Guaranteed Obligations”), and agrees to pay any and all expenses (including, without limitation, fees and expenses of outside counsel) incurred by the Agent or any Lender in enforcing any rights under this Article VII. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Company’s liability shall extend to all amounts that constitute part of the Guaranteed Obligations and would be owed by such Designated Subsidiary to the Agent or any Lender under or in respect of this Agreement and the Notes but for the fact that they are unenforceable or not allowable due to the existence of a bankruptcy, reorganization or similar proceeding involving such Designated Subsidiary.