24 Uses in Inspections; Field Exams Clause

Inspections; Field Exams from Consignment Agreement

AGY HOLDING CORP., a Delaware corporation (Holding), AGY AIKEN LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (Aiken). and AGY HUNTINGDON LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (Huntingdon; Holding, Aiken and Huntingdon are herein collectively referred to herein as Customer).

Inspections; Field Exams. Permit Consignor, by its respective employees, representatives and agents, from time to time (but not more frequently than twice in each Fiscal Year) during normal business hours upon two (2) Business Days prior notice and without disruption to Customers normal business operations (a) to inspect any of the Consigned Precious Metal, and (b) conduct periodic inventories, expanded spot-checks and field exams of Customers Precious Metal, at Customers sole cost and expense. If an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, Customer shall provide such access to Consignor at all times and without notice or limitations.