Xi definition

Xi means the Initial Index Level.
Xi means the Initial Closing Price.
Xi means the Initial Index Level of the Worst Performing Index.

Examples of Xi in a sentence

  • The applicant plans to purchase a second da Vinci Xi dual console system from Intuitive Surgical.

  • As such, we believe the GMCB may declare this application uncontested and issue written notice granting a Certificate of Need without any further process, and we respectfully ask the Board to do so.In accordance with 18 V.S.A. § 9440(c)(2) and Rule 4,1 we provide the following information about the Project, which we further discuss in the enclosed application: Project Scope and Expenditures: The project is for the purchase and installation of a second da Vinci Xi in OR 19 on the UVMMC Main Campus.

  • During the visit, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for a long-term plan to promote the development of China-Cuba ties.

  • The applicant is seeking expedited review and approval of a CON to purchase a da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system (“da Vinci”) with two consoles.

  • In 2016, UVMMC purchased a new da Vinci Xi surgical robot to replace its robotic system that had become obsolete.

More Definitions of Xi

Xi specified organisation” shall mean, -
Xi means the Initial IndexLevel.
Xi an WFOE” means Xi’an Time Share Technology Information Co., Ltd., a company organised under the laws of the PRC.
Xi labour tenant’ means a person -
Xi means the Initial Index Level of the Worst Performing Index. Worst Performing Index: The “Worst Performing Index” means the Index with the lowest ratio of Final Index Level to Initial Index Level. Sample Calculations: See Appendix B to this pricing supplement for sample calculations of the Final Redemption Amount or Autocall Redemption Amount (in the event of an Autocall Redemption Event) and any Interest Payments payable on the Securities at or prior to (in the event of an Autocall Redemption Event) the Maturity Date. Issuer Credit Rating: Moody’s: Aa2 Standard & Poor’s: AA- DBRS: AAThe Securities themselves have not been and will not be rated. See “Description of the SecuritiesRatings” in the program supplement. Extraordinary Events: Determination of the Closing Level of the Indices, including the Initial Index Level and the Final Index Level, and the Final Redemption Amount may be postponed, or the Bank can accelerate determination of the Final Index Level and the Final Redemption Amount and repay the Securities in full prior to their maturity, in certain circumstances. If an Extraordinary Event occurs then the Calculation Agent may, but is not required to, make such adjustments to any payment or other term of the Securities as it determines to be appropriate, acting in good faith, to account for the economic effect of such event on the Securities and determine the effective date of any such adjustment. See “Description of the Securities — Special Circumstances” in the program supplement and “Description of the Index Linked Securities — Extraordinary Events” in the product supplement. Summary of Fees and Expenses: No sales commission will be payable in connection with this issuance of Securities. The Bank will pay, from the Bank’s own funds, an agency fee to Laurentian Bank Securities Inc. in an amount up to 0.15% of the Principal Amount of the Securities issued under this offering for acting as independent agent. The agency fee is indirectly borne by holders of the Securities. There are no fees directly payable by a holder of Securities. See “Description of the Securities — Summary of Fees and Expenses” in the program supplement. Eligibility for Investment: Eligible for RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, RDSPs, DPSPs and TFSAs. See “Eligibility for Investment” in Appendix C, including the summary of theprohibited investmentrule. Risk Factors: You should carefully consider all the information set out in this prospectus for any Securities in which you are consi...