Winning definition

Winning means part of the prize fund of the Lottery in form of money or other property (hereinafter referred to as the “property winning”) that is transferred (issued) to a lottery participant, whose lottery bet is considered to be a winning bet in accordance with the Instruction/Game Rules for conducting the Lottery.
Winning means cash amount which is calculated as the product of Bets and Odds, or win specified by agreement on CashOut or otherwise according to the present Game Plan;
Winning means the amount payable to the bearer of a winning ticket;

Examples of Winning in a sentence

  • Only the technical alternatives, if any, of the Tenderer with the Winning Tender conforming to the basic technical requirements shall be considered by the Procuring Entity.

  • Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.

  • Winning a prize is contingent upon being compliant with these Official Rules and fulfilling all other requirements set forth herein.

  • Winning bidder’s bid, including the Eligibility requirements, Technical and Financial Proposals, and all other documents or statements submitted;Bid form, including all the documents/statements contained in the Bidder’s bidding envelopes, as annexes, and all other documents submitted ( e.g., Bidder’s response to request for clarifications on the bid), including corrections to the bid, if any, resulting from the Procuring Entity’s bid evaluation; iii.

  • Winning suppliers under a US Federal Contract are required to complete and sign as part of your offer RTI Representations and Certifications for values over $10,000.

More Definitions of Winning

Winning at the negotiating table can be very costly.
Winning means advancing healthcare IT and the SHIN-NY across the state
Winning means far less to children than to adults. In a survey of children playing sports at both the recreational and travel team level, 9 of 10 kids said “fun” is the main reason they participate. When asked to define fun, they offered up 81 reasons — and ranked “winning”
Winning your case means that a fair housing agency, administrative judge or a court determined that you were discriminated against, or you participated in a resolution agreement that was acceptable to you and the landlord.
Winning means the receipt of an amount of payment or other consideration including a prize, award or reward given by way of money, assets, goods or property in kind to a person after having participated in a gaming activity recognised under this Act;
Winning means getting a good result, not necessarily winning the court litigation or arbitration
Winning means being able to get an agreement that both parties can live with. Such an agreement satisfies the interests of both parties and encourages smooth administration once the deal is completed.