Identify definition

Identify means that the information must be clearly marked with a justification as to why the information should be treated as confidential and proprietary information. A vendor shall not designate as proprietary information (a) the entire certification request or (b) any portion of the certification request that does not contain trade secrets or proprietary information.
Identify when referring to a person means to give, to the extent known, the
Identify. (with respect to documents) means to give, to the extent known, the (i)

Examples of Identify in a sentence

  • N/A * 3 Identify all applicable assumed names or DBA names of the Proposer or Proposer's subsidiaries in Line 1 or Line 2 above.

  • This will be accomplished through dedicating 189 hours of annual service to the following activities: • Identify Mt. Diablo USD’s Efficiency Goals – Xxxxxxxxx Electric will coordinate with Mt. Diablo USD staff to determine the information/data that would be most meaningful for future planning and will make recommendations to minimize spending, improve efficiency, and assist in project prioritization.

  • Identify the type of covered Federal action for which lobbying activity is and/or has been secured to influence the outcome of a covered Federal action.

  • Identify each sheet with the Applicant name and address and the program/activity receiving grant funding.) Check here 0if there are workplaces on file that are not identified on the attached sheets.

  • Conduct and prepare an assessment of major outdoor recreation assets owned by the Chewelah School District including: • Assess and rate the condition of park amenities that may include outdoor restrooms, play equipment, shelters, hard courts, and grass/dirt play fields; • Identify and scope out needed repair and replacement projects to improve the lowest rated assets; • Provide order of magnitude cost estimates for repair/replacement projects; and, • Prepare major outdoor asset condition assessment report.

More Definitions of Identify

Identify for an individual means providing the individual’s name and all contact information. For an entity it means providing the entity’s name and all contact information. For any other tangible thing it means providing a reasonably detailed description of the item and all contact information for the custodian or person who has possession, custody or control thereof.
Identify as used herein shall mean:
Identify means the following:
Identify when referring to a Person, means to give, to the extent known, the Person’s full name, present or last known address, and when referring to a natural Person, additionally, the present or last known place of employment.
Identify or “identity” means:
Identify means as follows:
Identify means to state, to the extent known (or, if not known, to so state), the (i) type of document; (ii) general subject matter; (iii) date of the document; and (iv) author(s), addressee(s), and recipient(s).