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Tool bar. As defined in Section 2.2 hereof. USED CAR DECISION GUIDE. AOL's proprietary decision guide software, powered by Personal Logic, which shall assist users in selecting a used automobile.
Tool bar means an implement of husbandry for the field application of ammonia that is used in conjunction with nurse tanks. For purposes of this definition, chisel plows, field cultivators or other conventional tillage equipment that has been manufactured or retrofitted with any ammonia valves, gauges, hoses, application knives, metering devices, safety devices or tool bar refrigeration units for the purpose of ammonia application are considered to be tool bars.

Examples of Tool bar in a sentence

  • Such an organisation, set up bytwo or more cooperatives, if also a cooperative, would be established under section 4.

  • Commands can be selected from: • Menu bar • Tool bar • Quick selection menu: after a BCS object has been selected, its specific commands quick selection menu can be shown right-clicking on the mouse.

  • Click the Back Up button in the Tool bar (any of the ways described earlier can also be used here to call the Backup Wizard).

  • To calibrate “warm up enrichment” fuel go to the Main Tool bar and highlight “Warm Up.” Keep the left mouse button depressed and slide the cursor down to select Coolant Correction or Air Temperature Correction, depending on the table to be accessed.

  • Click the Restore button in the Tool bar (any of the ways described earlier can also be used here to call the Restore Wizard).

  • To finish use MC.To associate blocking edges with curves click Blocking → Associate in the Main Tool- bar.

  • There are the following ways excepting an operation with a menu.-Operation with a keyboard Press [Ctrl] + [P].-Operation with Tool bar Click on button.

  • Since 2004, tourism arrivals have grown 12% annually, over 3 times as fast as average growth rates in the world (UNWTO, 2009).45 UNESCO website Observatorio Turístico del Perú, 47 Target missed by 1 year – 576K in 1997, 616K in 1998 The story regarding total receipts (spending by tourists) is similarly advantageous.

  • That is, all file-related operations are performed through the File menu on the Main Menu bar (or, alternatively, from the Tool bar by clicking on the relevant icon for New, Open or Save).

  • Since 2008 Alexa claims to remove self-selectionbias – bias related to gathering data of a specific audience subgroup that is more likely to install Alexa’s toolbar – by taking into account other data sources “beyond Alexa Tool- bar users” [1], but the nature of such data sources and the methodology employed are not disclosed.

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  • Net Receivables Pool Balance means, at any time: (a) the Outstanding Balance of Eligible Receivables then in the Receivables Pool minus (b) the Excess Concentration.

  • Pool Balance means, as of any date, the aggregate Principal Balance of the Receivables (exclusive of all Administrative Receivables for which the Servicer has paid the Administrative Purchase Payment, Warranty Receivables for which the Seller has paid the Warranty Purchase Payment and Defaulted Receivables) as of the close of business on such date.

  • Net Pool Balance means, as of any date, the aggregate Outstanding Principal Balance of all Receivables (other than Defaulted Receivables) of the Issuer on such date.

  • Original Pool Balance means the Pool Balance as of the Cutoff Date.

  • Eligible L/C Inventory As of the date of determination thereof, without duplication of other Eligible Inventory, Inventory (a) not yet delivered to a Borrower, (b) the purchase of which is supported by a Documentary Letter of Credit having an expiry within forty-five (45) days of such date of determination, (c) for which the document of title reflects a Borrower as consignee (along with delivery to such Borrower of the documents of title with respect thereto), (d) as to which the Lender has control over the documents of title which evidence ownership of the subject Inventory (such as, if requested by the Lender, by the delivery of a customs broker agency agreement, satisfactory to the Lender), and (e) which otherwise would constitute Eligible Inventory.

  • Catalog means the available list of tangible personal property or services, in the most current listing, regardless of date, during the life of the contract, that takes the form of a catalog, price list, schedule, shelf price or other form that:

  • Failed Bank Charge-Offs/Write-Downs means, with respect to any Shared- Loss Asset, an amount equal to the aggregate amount of reversals or charge-offs of Accrued Interest and charge-offs and write-downs of principal effected by the Failed Bank with respect to that Shared-Loss Asset as reflected on the Accounting Records of the Failed Bank.

  • Engine Manufacturer means CFM International, Inc.

  • END USER CUSTOMER LOCATION means the physical location of the premises where an End User makes use of the telecommunications services.

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle ("UAV") (9) means any aircraft capable of initiating flight and sustaining controlled flight and navigation without any human presence on board.

  • Adjusted Pool Balance means, on the Closing Date, an amount equal to:

  • Initial Pool Balance means the sum of the Pool Balance of the initial trust student loans as of the closing date and all amounts deposited into the supplemental purchase account and the add-on consolidation loan account on the closing date.

  • Application Programming Interface means the application programming interface materials and related documentation containing all data and information to allow skilled Software developers to create Software interfaces that interface or interact with other specified Software.

  • Medium-duty vehicle means 2004 through 2006 model year heavy-duty low-emission vehicle, ultra-low-emission vehicle, super-ultra-low-emission vehicle or zero-emission vehicle certified to the standards in title 13, CCR, section 1960.1(h)(2) having a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating of 14,000 pounds or less; and any 2004 and subsequent model heavy-duty low-emission, ultra-low-emission, super-ultra-low-emission or zero-emission vehicle certified to the standards in title 13, CCR section 1956.8(h), having a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating between 8,501 and 14,000 pounds.

  • FedRAMP means the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (see, which is an assessment and authorization process that federal government agencies have been directed to use to ensure security is in place when accessing Cloud computing products and services.

  • Load Control Equipment means the equipment (which may include, but is not limited to, ripple receivers and relays) that is from time to time installed in, over or on Consumer’s Premises for the purpose of receiving signals sent by Load Signalling Equipment and switching on and off, or otherwise controlling, controllable load;

  • Security alarm system means a device or series of devices, intended to summon law enforcement personnel during, or as a result of, an alarm condition. Devices may include hard- wired systems and systems interconnected with a radio frequency method such as cellular or private radio signals that emit or transmit a remote or local audible, visual, or electronic signal; motion detectors, pressure switches, duress alarms (a silent system signal generated by the entry of a designated code into the arming station to indicate that the user is disarming under duress); panic alarms (an audible system signal to indicate an emergency situation); and hold-up alarms (a silent system signal to indicate that a robbery is in progress).

  • Fleet means one or more commercial vehicles.

  • Tooling means tooling inventory, including but not limited to dies, molds, tooling, casting patterns, gauges, jigs, racks and stands for engines, cowls, radome and wheels, aircraft jacks, test benches, test equipment, lathes, welders, grinders, presses, punches and hoists and other similar items (whether or not completed or fixed or handheld).

  • Trailer means a vehicle designed to be pulled by a:

  • Customer Equipment means all appliances, piping, vents, connectors, valves, fittings or any other gas utilization or distribution equipment at or on the Customer’s side of the Point of Delivery with the exception of Company owned facilities, e.g., Compressed Natural Gas (“CNG”) re-fueling facilities. Customer Equipment also includes equipment leased by the Customer from third parties.

  • Supplier Equipment means the Supplier's hardware, computer and telecoms devices, equipment, plant, materials and such other items supplied and used by the Supplier (but not hired, leased or loaned from the Customer) in the performance of its obligations under this Call Off Contract;

  • Cut-off Date Pool Balance The aggregate Cut-off Date Principal Balance of all the Original Mortgage Loans.

  • Unmanned aircraft system means an unmanned aircraft and associated elements, including communication links and components that control the unmanned aircraft that are required for the pilot in command to operate safely and efficiently in the national airspace system.

  • Driver means a person who drives or is in actual physical control of a vehicle.

  • Associated equipment means equipment that is used in conjunction with a radiographic exposure device to make radiographic exposures that drive, guide, or come in contact with the source.