Defensible Title definition

Defensible Title means, with respect to a given Asset, such ownership by Seller in that Asset that, subject to and except for Permitted Encumbrances:
Defensible Title means such title of Seller that, subject to and except for the Permitted Encumbrances:

Examples of Defensible Title in a sentence

  • The term “Title Defect,” as used in this Agreement, means any encumbrance, encroachment, irregularity, defect in or objection to Seller's ownership of any Asset (excluding Permitted Encumbrances) that causes Seller not to have Defensible Title to that Asset.

  • A Lease Asset shall be deemed to have a “Title Defect” if Seller has less than Defensible Title to such Lease Asset.

More Definitions of Defensible Title

Defensible Title means, as to the Assets, such title to the Assets that vests the applicable Entity with indefeasible title in and to the Assets free and clear of Liens other than Permitted Encumbrances.
Defensible Title means such right, title and interest that is (a) evidenced by an instrument or instruments filed of record in accordance with the conveyance and recording laws of the applicable jurisdiction to the extent necessary to prevail against competing claims of bona fide purchasers for value without notice, and (b) subject to Permitted Encumbrances, free and clear of all Liens, claims, infringements, burdens and other defects.
Defensible Title as defined in Section 4.02(a).
Defensible Title shall have the meaning given that term in Section 4.05.
Defensible Title means, as of the date of this Agreement and the Closing Date, with respect to the Oil and Gas Properties, such record title and ownership by Seller that:
Defensible Title subject to and except for the Permitted Encumbrances (as hereinafter defined), means:
Defensible Title means such ownership of record to the Leases, the Xxxxx and the Units that is deducible from the applicable county, state and federal records such that a reasonably prudent person engaged in the business of the ownership, development and operation of oil and gas leasehold and properties and having knowledge of all of the facts and their legal bearing would be willing to accept the same, and that, subject to and except for the Permitted Encumbrances: