Definition of Term B Debt

Term B Debt means the "Obligations" as defined in the Term B Credit Agreement.
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Examples of Term B Debt in a sentence

Promptly provide Administrative Agent with true and complete copies of any and all material documents and other material information delivered by or to any US Loan Party pursuant to the terms of the Term B Debt Documents, except any such documents or other information otherwise required to be delivered hereunder.
All of the representations and warranties of the US Borrowers in the Term B Debt Documents are true and correct in all material respects.
The Administrative Agent shall have received a Compliance Certificate in form acceptable to the Administrative Agent and executed a Responsible Officer of the Borrower and reflecting compliance with the covenants in Sections 6.16, 6.17, and 6.18 as of the last day of the most recently ended fiscal quarter prior to the Effective Date for which financial statements are available, calculated giving pro forma effect to the extension of the Term B Debt.
Use the proceeds of the Term Loan A for any purpose other than, together with the proceeds of Advances and the Term B Debt, to repay in full the outstanding principal, accrued interest, and accrued fees and expenses evidenced by the Indenture.
The transactions contemplated by the Term B Debt Documents will be, contemporaneously with the Closing Date, consummated in accordance with their respective terms.