Definition of Term B Loan Facility

Term B Loan Facility means the facility providing for the Borrowing of Term B Loans.

Examples of Term B Loan Facility in a sentence

You agree that no other agents, co-agents, arrangers or bookrunners will be appointed, no other titles will be awarded and no compensation (other than compensation expressly contemplated by this Commitment Letter and the Fee Letter referred to below) will be paid to any Lender expressly in order to obtain its commitment to participate in the Term B Loan Facility unless you and we shall so agree.
Without limiting your obligations to assist with syndication efforts as set forth herein, it is understood that the Initial Lenders commitments hereunder are not conditioned upon the syndication of, or receipt of commitments or participations in respect of, the Term B Loan Facility and in no event shall the commencement or successful completion of syndication of the Term B Loan Facility constitute a condition to the availability of the Term B Loan Facility on the Closing Date.
This paragraph shall terminate on the earlier of (a) the initial funding under the Term B Loan Facility and (b) the second anniversary of the date of this Commitment Letter.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the commitment of the Initial Lender with respect to the initial fundings of the Term B Loan Facility will be subject only to the satisfaction (or waiver by the Initial Lender) of the conditions precedent set forth in paragraph 5 hereof.
There are no conditions (implied or otherwise) to the commitments hereunder, and there will be no conditions (implied or otherwise) under the Credit Documentation to the funding of the Term B Loan Facility on the Closing Date, other than those that are expressly referred to in the immediately preceding sentence.