Definition of Term A Loan Amount

Term A Loan Amount means, at any time, the aggregate principal amount of the Term A Loans outstanding, which on the Closing Date is equal to $600,000,000.

Examples of Term A Loan Amount in a sentence

As of the effective date hereunder, the principal amount of the Term A Loan shall be $10,184,134.66 (the "Term A Loan Amount") and shall be subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein and on the face of the notes attached as Exhibit A hereto.
A portion of the Term A Loan Amount shall be used to repay Borrowers existing Indebtedness to Bank.
If Lenders agree to provide such Incremental Term Loans as Term A Loans but in an aggregate amount less than the Potential Incremental Term A Loan Amount, then such Loans may be provided as Term B Loans, as such Lenders and the Administrative Borrower may agree.
The aggregate principal amount of any proposed Incremental Term Loans that may constitute Term A Loans shall not exceed an amount equal to (a) the then existing Incremental Term A Loan EBITDA Amount, minus (b) the aggregate principal amount of all Term A Loans then outstanding (the "Potential Incremental Term A Loan Amount").
Section 1.01 of the Financing Agreement is hereby amended by deleting the following definitions: "Incremental Facility Amendment", "Incremental Request", "Incremental Term A Loan EBITDA Amount", "Incremental Term Facility", "Incremental Term Loans" and "Potential Incremental Term A Loan Amount".