Definition of Tenants Tax Percentage

Tenants Tax Percentage shall mean the percentage determined by dividing the Rentable Area of the Premises by the total Rentable Area of all buildings on the same tax parcel on which the Building is located.
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Examples of Tenants Tax Percentage in a sentence

Exhibit H designates Rentable Square Footage, Tenants Tax Percentage and Wage Rate Multiple for each of the Additional Floors pursuant to this Article.
Landlord receives a refund of Taxes for any Tax Year, Landlord shall either pay to Tenant Tenants Tax Percentage of the net refund after deducting from such refund the costs and expenses of obtaining same (to the extent that such costs and expenses were not included in Tax Expenses); provided, however, such payment or credit to Tenant shall in no event exceed Tenants Tax Payment paid for such Tax Year.
The Tax Base for the applicable Building shall be the actual amount of Taxes on the Park for the fiscal/tax year immediately preceding the Term Commencement Date in respect of such RFO Premises, and Tenant's Tax Percentage in respect of such RFO Premises shall be based upon the ratio of the Total Rentable Area of such RFO Premises to the Total Rentable Area of the Park.
Upon such partial taking and this Lease continuing in force as to any part of the Premises, Fixed Rent and Tenants Tax Percentage and Tenants Operating Percentage shall be equitably adjusted according to the rentable area remaining.
Except as provided expressly to the contrary herein, the rentable area of the Building shall include all rentable area of space leased or available for lease at the Building, which Landlord shall have the right to re-determine from time to time, to reflect reconfigurations, additions or modifications to the Building, provided, however, in no event shall the rentable square footage of the Building, for purposes of determining Tenants Tax Percentage, be less than 960,178.