Temporary Patch definition

Temporary Patch means a pavement patch that provides a temporary treatment to address a potential safety issue or prevent further deterioration of the Highway surface, until a permanent treatment can be completed.
Temporary Patch means the interim application of either cold patch or Type I bituminous concrete compacted to achieve a density equal to that of the surrounding pavement.

Examples of Temporary Patch in a sentence

  • Temporary Patch: As directed by Architect, provide temporary materials at locations from which existing samples were taken.

  • Permanent Patch Window – That period of time commencing twelve months after and up to eighteen months from the date of installation of the Temporary Patch.

  • Temporary Patch – The application of either Cold Patch or two separate gradations of bituminous concrete consisting of binder and top layers and compaction to achieve a density equal to that of the surrounding pavement following excavation and compaction.

  • Award of Alternate Bid #3 (Temporary Patch and Overlay) would be contingent upon agreement by the City of Fayetteville to pay the additional cost associated with overlay versus the permanent patch included in Alternate Bid #2.

  • A Temporary Patch that has been back-filled and Compacted shall be maintained by the Permit Holder or Contractor so that the patched surface and the surrounding area remain a single smooth unbroken plane for a period of time no shorter than one year after placement of the Temporary Patch.

  • For the purposes of this paper, any hard distinctions between information and knowledge are largely ignored.

  • APPROVED BY DATE REQUIRED INSPECTIONSPrior to Placement of Crushed SurfacingInspection by Date/Comment Prior to Placement of Temporary Patch and/or First Lift of Permanent PatchInspection by Date/Comment After Placement of Second LiftInspection by Date/Comment NOTE: Should the applicant proceed without an inspection he will be required to remove pavement and/or surfacing to verify depths.

  • Temporary Patch: The top surface of backfill shall be covered with four (4) inches of bituminous concrete Type I (Drawing I) immediately following completion of the backfill.

  • Immediately prior to the installation of a Permanent Patch, the following shall be done:(a) the Temporary Patch and sufficient back-filled material shall be removed.(b) a six-inch reinforced concrete slab shall be Laid over the back- filled trench extending one (1) foot beyond all edges of the trench surface and allowing for four (4) inches of bituminous concrete to be installed above the slab.

  • For further research, it should be investigated if different starting values would cause any significant change in the beginning.

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