Definition of Technical Sub-Manager

Technical Sub-Manager means a shipping management company to which the Technical Manager subcontracts and delegates its obligations under the Technical Services Agreement to provide Technical Services to a Group Company.

Examples of Technical Sub-Manager in a sentence

All requirements of the ISM Code as they relate to the Owner, the Approved Manager, the Approved Technical Sub-Manager and the Ship have been, or will, on or prior to the date on which the Ship is delivered to the Lender, be complied with.
The Borrower will provide the Lender with details of any legal or administrative action involving the Borrower, the Owner, any other Security Party, the Approved Manager, the Approved Technical Sub-Manager or the Ship, the Earnings or the Insurances as soon as such action is instituted or it becomes apparent to the Borrower that it is likely to be instituted, unless it is clear that the legal or administrative action cannot be considered material in the context of any Finance Document.
Faliro, Athens, Greece; Approved Technical Sub-Manager means Tsakos Shipping & Trading S.A., a company incorporated in Liberia whose principal place of business is at Macedonia House, 367 Syngrou Avenue, GR-175 64 P.