Definition of T&D Operations

T&D Operations means the process of conducting and supporting the transmission, distribution and sale of electricity.
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Examples of T&D Operations in a sentence

Page 3 of 13 Total Document Page 556 of 2020 Operational Excellence Model Document Number ERIP 1.2.9 ACCESS RESTRICTIONS: CONFIDENTIAL 5.0 ACTIONS 5.1 Mobilization of Crews - "Condition Blue" 5.1.1 When crews "on the property" must be "held on" in anticipation of system problems, the Senior Manager of OH/UG Lines will determine the number of crews after conferring with the Senior Manager of the T&D Operations Department.
If there is insufficient time to hold this meeting, the Chief Coordinator (Senior Manager of T&D Operations) shall authorize the mobilization of the two-man make-up crews.
When necessary, the T&D Operations Department in each division may contact the appropriate Supervisor in each Department directly requesting the assistance of survey personnel and shall communicate their action to Distribution Design.
The tabletop is attended by the PSEG LI senior and key storm leadership team from T&D Operations, Customer Service, and Logistics Support Organizations.
LIPA is led by an Executive Team made up of the top seven LIPA management positions: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (currently vacant), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), General Counsel, and the Vice Presidents (VP) of T&D Operations, Environmental Affairs and Power Markets.