Definition of TCC Guaranty

TCC Guaranty means the Guaranty dated as of the Thirteenth Amendment Signature Date, between TCC and Lender.
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Examples of TCC Guaranty in a sentence

Upon an Event of Default hereunder, Holder agrees to first seek payment pursuant to the Essex Guaranty before seeking payment from the Maker or pursuant to the TCC Guaranty.
Holder expressly agrees that any payments under Schedule A hereto made to Holder by any Guarantor or made by any Guarantor pursuant to the Essex Guaranty and/or the TCC Guaranty, shall for the purposes of this Note be deemed payments by Maker in satisfaction of the corresponding portion of Maker's obligations hereunder.
Iannelli, jointly and severally, on the other hand (the "Essex Guaranty"), and (b) a Guaranty Agreement of equal date herewith by and between Holder and Twinlab Consolidation Corporation (the "TCC Guaranty").
Accordingly, until the tenth (10th) day after which Holder has made demand for payment to both Essex and Iannelli pursuant to and in accordance with the terms of the Essex Guaranty, and unless any amounts due and owing Holder pursuant to this Note remain unpaid as of such date, Holder agrees that it shall not demand or take any action to seek payment pursuant to the TCC Guaranty.