Definition of TBS

TBS means Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. a Georgia corporation.

TBS means TBS International Limited, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Commonwealth of Bermuda.

Examples of TBS in a sentence

Packaging Company will provide management of the services that are outsourced and continue benefits administration services currently being provided by TBS.
Effective as of October 31, 1996, Tenneco will transfer to TBS as a contribution to capital the intercompany account payable owed by TBS to Tenneco as of August 31, 1996 ($______________).
Landlord agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Tenant harmless from and against any claims, for a commission or other compensation in connection with this Lease (including, without limitation, any claim arising in connection with a broker's lien), made by any broker, including FHO, TBS and Amerimar, who claims to have dealt with or communicated to Landlord in connection with this Lease, provided that Tenant has not in fact retained such broker or finder.
Landlord represents that Landlord has dealt with (and only with) FHO, TBS and Amerimar as brokers in connection with this Lease, and that insofar as Landlord knows, no other broker negotiated this Lease or is entitled to any commission in connection therewith.
Certain "off-net" circuits will not receive alarms, but will be displayed as they are defined in the Circuit Inventory (Metasolve/TBS).