Tax Favored Account definition

Tax Favored Account means (i) a Traditional, SEP, Xxxx, or SIMPLE individual retirement account, (ii) an account in a money purchase or profit sharing plan, (iii) a single participant “k” plan account, or (iv) a Xxxxxxxxx educational savings accounts, all within the meaning of Sections 408, 401, or 530 of the Code, which is facilitated or sponsored by the Fund or affiliates of the Fund and with respect to which the contributions of Participants are invested solely in Eligible Assets.
Tax Favored Account means an individual account, plan, or arrangement that is exempt from tax under federal law, including an HSA. Where the treatment of an RDP as a spouse would result in a tax-favored account that would not be qualified as a tax-favored account for federal income tax purposes, the RDP will not be treated as a spouse for California tax purposes with respect to that account.
Tax Favored Account means an individual account, plan, or arrangement that is exempt from tax under federal law, including an HSA. Federal law will not treat a same- sex married individual as a spouse in connection with the tax treatment of a tax favored account.

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Tax Favored Account means an individual account, plan, or arrangement that is exempt from tax under federal law, including an IRA. Where the treatment of an RDP

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  • Covered Account means an Account established by a financial intermediary for another as the owner of record on the Fund Registry and through which such owner of record has the ability to conduct transactions in Fund shares directly with and through BNYM.

  • Deferred Account means the account into which shall be credited the Tax-Deferred Contributions made on a Member’s behalf and earnings on those contributions.

  • Qualified Account means either (a) a segregated account (including a securities account) with a Qualified Institution or (b) a segregated trust account with the corporate trust department of a depository institution organized under the laws of the United States of America or any one of the States thereof or the District of Columbia (or any domestic branch of a foreign bank), having corporate trust powers and acting as trustee for funds deposited in such account, so long as any of the securities of such depository institution shall have a credit rating from each Note Rating Agency in one of its generic rating categories which signifies investment grade.

  • Related Account means each Account with respect to which a new account number has been issued by the applicable Account Owner or the Servicer (i) in compliance with the Account Guidelines and the related Account Agreement, (ii) to the same Obligor or Obligors of such Account, and (iii) (a) as a result of the charge card with respect to such Account being lost or stolen; (b) as a result of the related Obligor requesting a change in his or her billing cycle; (c) as a result of the related Obligor requesting the discontinuance of responsibility with respect to such Account; (d) as a result of the related Obligor requesting a product change; or (e) for any other reasons permitted by the Account Guidelines; provided that such Account can be traced or identified by reference to or by way of the code designation in the securitization field of such Account, which code designation is contained in the computer or other records of the applicable Account Owner or the Servicer used to generate the computer files or microfiche lists delivered to the Indenture Trustee pursuant to Article II.

  • Designated Accounts as used in any security agreement means both the Designated Accounts hereunder and the “Designated Accounts” in the comparable agreement entered into with respect to any other Pledgor.

  • Settlement Account means the transactional banking account held with an Australian bank which is nominated by the Investor on its Application Form;

  • Consolidated Account means an account which is a consolidation of any separate accounts of a person who is liable for payment to the Municipality;

  • Designated Account means the Deposit Account of Borrower identified on Schedule D-1 to the Agreement (or such other Deposit Account of Borrower located at Designated Account Bank that has been designated as such, in writing, by Borrower to Agent).

  • Excess Funds Subaccount is defined in Section 8.02(a) of the Indenture.

  • Applicable Account means, with respect to any payment to be made to the Administrative Agent hereunder, the account specified by the Administrative Agent from time to time for the purpose of receiving payments of such type.

  • Expense Reserve Account The trust account established pursuant to Section 10.3(d).

  • Transferred Account means (a) an Account with respect to which a new credit account number has been issued by the Servicer or the Transferor under circumstances resulting from a lost or stolen credit card or from the transfer from one affinity group to another affinity group and not requiring standard application and credit evaluation procedures under the Credit Card Guidelines or (b) an Eligible Account resulting from the conversion of an Account that was a standard account to a premium account or from a premium account to a standard account, and which in either case can be traced or identified by reference to or by way of the computer files or microfiche lists delivered to the Trustee pursuant to Section 2.1 or 2.6 as an account into which an Account has been transferred.

  • Cardholder Account is the account of a Cardholder as represented by a Card.

  • Joint Account means an Account opened in more than one name;

  • Individual Account Means the account established and maintained under this Plan for each Participant in accordance with Section 4.01.

  • Master Servicer Collection Account The trust account or accounts created and maintained pursuant to Section 4.02, which shall be denominated “HSBC Bank USA, National Association, as Trustee f/b/o holders of Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Mortgage Investors, Inc., Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series MLMI 2005-A10 - Master Servicer Collection Account.” The Master Servicer Collection Account shall be an Eligible Account.

  • User Account means an account under the name of the Customer in relation to the Service subscribed by the Customer.

  • Distribution Account Deposit Date As to any Distribution Date, 12:30 p.m. Pacific time on the Business Day immediately preceding such Distribution Date.

  • Reserve Account Withdrawal Amount means, with respect to any Distribution Date, the lesser of (x) any shortfall in the amount of Available Funds available to pay the amounts specified in clauses (i) through (xvii) of Section 5.7(a) (taking into account application of Available Funds to the priority of payments specified in Section 5.7(a) and ignoring any provision hereof which otherwise limits the amounts described in such clauses to the amount of funds available) and (y) the amount on deposit in the Reserve Account on such Distribution Date prior to application of amounts on deposit therein pursuant to Section 5.8.

  • Interest Collection Account means a segregated, non-interest bearing securities account (within the meaning of Section 8-501 of the UCC) number 172148-201, which is created and maintained on the books and records of the Securities Intermediary entitled “Interest Collection Account” in the name of the Borrower and subject to the prior Lien of the Collateral Agent for the benefit of the Secured Parties, which is established and maintained pursuant to Section 8.1(a).

  • PRE-2017 NET OPERATING LOSS CARRYFORWARD means any net operating loss incurred in a taxable year beginning before January 1, 2017, to the extent such loss was permitted, by a resolution or ordinance of the Municipality that was adopted by the Municipality before January 1, 2016, to be carried forward and utilized to offset income or net profit generated in such Municipality in future taxable years.(B) For the purpose of calculating municipal taxable income, any pre-2017 net operating loss carryforward may be carried forward to any taxable year, including taxable years beginning in 2017 or thereafter, for the number of taxable years provided in the resolution or ordinance or until fully utilized, whichever is earlier.

  • Transaction Account means a cash account established and maintained by Repo Custodian for the Funds to effect repurchase transactions pursuant to the Master Agreement.

  • Qualified escrow fund means an escrow arrangement with a federally or State chartered financial institution having no affiliation with any tobacco product manufacturer and having assets of at least $1,000,000,000 where such arrangement requires that such financial institution hold the escrowed funds' principal for the benefit of releasing parties and prohibits the tobacco product manufacturer placing the funds into escrow from using, accessing or directing the use of the funds' principal except as consistent with section 3(b) of Haw. Rev. Stat., Chapter 675. (See Haw. Rev. Stat.