Task Monitor definition

Task Monitor means an individual designated and authorized in writing by DEA to conduct and document day to day contract administration functions in the field.

Examples of Task Monitor in a sentence

  • DEA’s designated Contracting Officer’s Representative (“COR”) or the Task Monitor (“TM”) shall be the Contractor’s point of contact for all personnel security communications, inquiries, and issues regarding this contract.

  • Task: Monitor status every year by conducting population assessment surveys.

  • The Task Monitor is to review independently and objectively, whether and to what extent the parties comply with obligations under this agreement.2. The monitor is not subject to instructions by the representatives of the parties and performs his functions neutrally and independently.

  • Representative (COR), Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) and Task Monitor (TM) The OCO for each Order may designate a COR, COTR or TM to provide certain assistance to the OCO for that Order.

  • Note: Theoretical limits regarding the number of Jobs and Products exceed the practical Express Edition server demands (<50.000 Jobs / <250.000 Products) considerably.• Task Monitor database: To keep the size of the Task Monitor database under limits, we recommend:• setting up adequate Task Clean Up rules.

  • The dependent variables were the raw scores on the Initiate, Working Memory, Plan/Organize, Task Monitor, Organization of Materials, Shift, Emotional Control, Inhibit, and Self Monitor scales.

  • User application should be designed to avoid overlapping opening requests because SYSMAC Gateway performs only one connection opening process at a time.After confirming the opening process is completed, perform the following connection opening process.The Explicit Message Task Monitor enables you to check the current connection opening requests SYSMAC Gateway accepted.

  • Check the number of SYSMAC Gateway internal processes on the Explicit Message Task Monitor.

  • The Contractor shall ensure that all security related forms and questionnaires are filled out correctly and completely and are signed, dated, and submitted to the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative or Task Monitor (COTR/TM) in a timely manner.

  • When SYSMAC Gateway is accepted an open connection request, an event (10001) of a request connection in the event history of the Explicit Message Task Monitor is recorded.

Related to Task Monitor

  • Interim Monitor means any monitor appointed pursuant to Paragraph III of this Order or Paragraph III of the related Order to Maintain Assets.

  • Contract Monitor means the Department employee identified in Section 1.6 of the IFB as the Contract Monitor.

  • Market Monitor means the head of the Market Monitoring Unit.

  • Information Services means the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board’s Electronic Municipal Market Access System; or, such other services providing information with respect to called municipal obligations as the District may specify in writing to the Paying Agent or as the Paying Agent may select.

  • Beam monitoring system means a system designed and installed in the radiation head to detect and measure the radiation present in the useful beam.

  • Asset Monitor means BDO Italia S.p.A., acting in its capacity as asset monitor, or any other entity that may be appointed as such pursuant to the Asset Monitor Agreement.

  • Performance Monitoring System has the meaning given to it in paragraph 1.1.2 in Part B of Schedule 6 (Service Levels, Service Credits and Performance Monitoring);

  • Operational Services the operational services described as such in the Services Description;

  • Project Services means architectural, engineering services, land surveying, construction management at-risk services, ancillary technical services or other construction-related services determined by the board to be required by the project.

  • Information Resources means any and all computer printouts, online display devices, mass storage media, and all computer-related activities involving any device capable of receiving email, browsing Web sites, or otherwise capable of receiving, storing, managing, or transmitting Data including, but not limited to, mainframes, servers, Network Infrastructure, personal computers, notebook computers, hand-held computers, personal digital assistant (PDA), pagers, distributed processing systems, network attached and computer controlled medical and laboratory equipment (i.e. embedded technology), telecommunication resources, network environments, telephones, fax machines, printers and service bureaus. Additionally, it is the procedures, equipment, facilities, software, and Data that are designed, built, operated, and maintained to create, collect, record, process, store, retrieve, display, and transmit information.

  • audit services means the professional services rendered by the Corporation’s external auditor for the audit and review of the Corporation’s financial statements or services that are normally provided by the external auditor in connection with statutory and regulatory filings or engagements;

  • Monitoring Services shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2(b) of this Agreement.

  • Program Manager refers to the professional management firm selected by the Owner as the Owner’s representative for the Project, and its employees and consultants.

  • Customer Services means the call centre for dealing with queries about your Card. You can contact Customer Services by calling 01 693 3333, or contacting us directly.

  • Monitor means the corporate body known as Monitor as provided by section 61 of the 2012 Act;

  • Individual monitoring devices means devices designed to be worn by a single individual for the assessment of dose equivalent. For purposes of these regulations, "personnel dosimeter" and "dosimeter" are equivalent terms. Examples of individual monitoring devices are film badges, thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLDs), pocket ionization chambers, optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dosimeters and personal air sampling devices.

  • IT Services any services relating to the IT Systems or to any other aspect of the Company's or any of the Subsidiaries' data processing or data transfer requirements, including facilities management, bureau services, hardware maintenance, software development or support, consultancy, source code deposit, recovery and network services;

  • Interface means the mixture occurring in pipeline operations between adjoining batches having similar or dissimilar physical characteristics.

  • Individual monitoring means the assessment of:

  • BPO Services means Provider’s business process outsourcing services described in the applicable Solution Exhibit, whereby Provider assumes responsibility for Customers’ business processes.

  • Support Services the support services, as described in the Support Services Description, that We provide to You in respect of the Cloud Service.

  • Test Strategy means a strategy for the conduct of Testing as described further in paragraph 3 of schedule 4;

  • Contract Services means the Services to be supplied by the Supplier to the Customer as set out in the Letter of Appointment;

  • Prescription monitoring program means the electronic system within the Department of Health Professions that monitors the dispensing of certain controlled substances.

  • SRS means the scheme referred to by the Ministry of Finance as the Supplementary Retirement Scheme or such other scheme as shall replace or supersede the Supplementary Retirement Scheme from time to time.

  • Supplier’s Manager means a manager who at the relevant time carries such designation from the Supplier under, or in accordance with, ARTICLE 5;