Subsidence definition

Subsidence means the lowering in elevation of the surface of land by the withdrawal of groundwater.
Subsidence means the lowering of the natural land surface in response to: Earth movements; lowering of fluid pressure; removal of underlying supporting material by mining or solution of solids, either artificially or from natural causes; compaction due to wetting (Hydrocompaction); oxidation of organic matter in soils; or added load on the land surface.
Subsidence means any property damage directly or indirectly arising out of, caused by, resulting from, contributed to or aggravated by the settling, sinking, slipping, falling away, caving in, shifting, eroding, mud flow, rising, tilting, or any other movement of land or earth.

Examples of Subsidence in a sentence

  • Additional County and City Regulatory Determinations as applicable: Airports, Avalanche, Blow Sand, Coastal Zone, Dam/Levee Failure Inundation, Debris Flow, Erosion, Flood, Fault Zone, Fire, Groundwater, Landslide, Liquefaction, Methane Gas, Mines, Naturally Occurring Asbestos, Redevelopment Area, Right to Farm, Runoff Area, Seiche, Seismic Shaking, Seismic Ground Failure, Slope Stability, Soil Stability, Subsidence, TRPA, Tsunami.

  • If applicable to the Work to be performed: Subsidence or Earth Movement The Contractor shall maintain general liability coverage including Products and Completed Operations insurance, and the Additional Insured with primary and non-contributory coverage as specified in this Contract for three (3) years after completion of the project.

  • Subsidence will be measured using the DWR provided subsidence maps detailed in Chapter 7.

  • Subsidence losses have a sub-limit of $40 million per occurrence.

  • Subsidence Downward movement of the site on which Your Buildings stand by a cause other than the weight of the Buildings themselves.

More Definitions of Subsidence

Subsidence means the lowering in elevation of
Subsidence means a vertically downward movement of overburden materials resulting from
Subsidence means the sinking down of a part of the earth’s crust, including the surface, due to underground excava- tions or workings.
Subsidence means the settling or lowering of the surface of
Subsidence means the measurable lowering of a portion of the earth's surface or substrata.
Subsidence means lateral or vertical ground move- ment caused by a failure, initiated at the mine, of a man−made underground mine, that directly damages residences or commer- cial buildings, except that “subsidence” does not include lateral or vertical ground movement caused by earthquake, landslide, soil conditions, soil erosion, soil freezing and thawing, or roots of trees and shrubs.
Subsidence means the lowering of the natural land surface in response to:to earth movements;