Subsidence definition

Subsidence means the lowering in elevation of the surface of land by the withdrawal of groundwater.
Subsidence means the lowering of the natural land surface in response to earth movements; reduction of formation fluid pressure; removal of underlying supporting material by mining or solution of solids, either artificially or from natural causes; compaction due to wetting (hydrocompaction); oxidation of organic matter in soils; or added load on the land surface.
Subsidence means any property damage directly or indirectly arising out of, caused by, resulting from, contributed to or aggravated by the settling, sinking, slipping, falling away, caving in, shifting, eroding, mud flow, rising, tilting, or any other movement of land or earth.

Examples of Subsidence in a sentence

  • Earthquake-FireandShock, Landslide/ Rockslide/ Subsidence, Flood/ Inundation, Storm/Tempest/Hurricane/Typhoon/Cyclone) shall be as under – Excess for AOG Perils10 % of the claim amount subject to a minimum of the Testing Period Excess with an upper limit of Rs. 5 Crores.

  • Special Condition Insofar as this insurance relates to Damage caused by Subsidence Ground Heave or Landslip: a You shall notify Us immediately You become aware of any demolition, groundworks, excavation or construction being carried out on any adjoining site b We shall then have the right to vary the terms or cancel the cover.

  • Pre, during and post mining subsidence impact monitoring will be undertaken in accordance with the approved Subsidence Management Plan.

  • Subsidence and heave within the construction limits of the project shall be limited to values that avoid damage.

  • Endorsement A: Subsidence, Ground Heave, Landslip The following Contingency is added to Sections 1 (if operative) and 2 of this Policy.

More Definitions of Subsidence

Subsidence means the lowering in elevation of
Subsidence means the measurable lowering of a portion of the earth's surface or substrata.
Subsidence means lateral or vertical ground move- ment caused by a failure, initiated at the mine, of a man−made underground mine, that directly damages residences or commer- cial buildings, except that “subsidence” does not include lateral or vertical ground movement caused by earthquake, landslide, soil conditions, soil erosion, soil freezing and thawing, or roots of trees and shrubs.
Subsidence means the sinking down of a part of the earth’s crust, including the surface, due to underground excava- tions or workings.
Subsidence means the lowering of the natural land surface in response to:to earth movements;
Subsidence means the settling or lowering of the surface of
Subsidence means subsidence, ground heave or landslip.