Subsidence definition

Subsidence means the lowering of the natural land surface in response to earth movements; lowering of fluid pressure; removal of underlying supporting material by mining or solution of solids, either artificially or from natural causes; compaction due to wetting (Hydrocompaction); oxidation of organic matter in soils; or added load on the land surface.
Subsidence means the lowering in elevation of the land surface caused by withdrawal of groundwater.
Subsidence means any property damage directly or indirectly arising out of, caused by, resulting from, contributed to or aggravated by the settling, sinking, slipping, falling away, caving in, shifting, eroding, mud flow, rising, tilting, or any other movement of land or earth.

Examples of Subsidence in a sentence

Subsidence is now covered by the Council’s external building insurance policy up to external insurance excess of£25,000 per claim but with an overall aggregate with general properties, for any one period of insurance, of £100,000.

Whitney Katchmark, HRDPC staff, presented a summary of the USGS report “Land Subsidence and Relative Sea-Level Rise in the Southern Chesapeake Bay Region.” HRPDC worked with USGS to develop this report which reviews the available measurements of land subsidence in the region and evaluates the potential causes of land subsidence.

Subsidence between October 1998 and July 2008 with an excess of £1,500.

Subsidence in some locations has exceeded more than 20 feet in the last two decades.

In the Noubi plain, Chikugo and Saga plains, and the Northern parts of the Kanto plain, where ground subsidence has widely occurred, activities for preventing land depression and preserving groundwater are being conducted by considering the actual situations in those regions, based on the Guideline on Measures for Prevention of Ground Subsidence.

More Definitions of Subsidence

Subsidence means the lowering of the elevation of the surface of land by groundwater withdrawal.
Subsidence means subsidence, ground heave or landslip.
Subsidence means the lowering in elevation of
Subsidence means the measurable lowering of a portion of the earth's surface or substrata.
Subsidence means lateral or vertical ground move- ment caused by a failure, initiated at the mine, of a man−made underground mine, that directly damages residences or commer- cial buildings, except that “subsidence” does not include lateral or vertical ground movement caused by earthquake, landslide, soil conditions, soil erosion, soil freezing and thawing, or roots of trees and shrubs.
Subsidence means lateral or vertical ground movement caused by a
Subsidence means a lowering of surface elevations over an underground mine caused by loss of support and sub- sequent settling or caving of strata lying above the mine.