Subpoena duces tecum definition

Subpoena duces tecum means a document that compels the production of specific documents and other items at a specified time and place.
Subpoena duces tecum means an order requiring the production of books, papers and other documents.

Examples of Subpoena duces tecum in a sentence

  • The APD staff processes administrative permit revision application within 60 days of receiving all pertinent information.

  • Before any information is viewed or released, the social worker/homefinder must confer with their supervisor and Community Service Manager.4.1.7 Subpoena, Subpoena duces tecum and Court OrdersThe Department may be requested by the court or other parties to provide certain information regarding Adult Services cases with which we have/have had involvement.

  • Subpoena duces tecum in proceeding before legislative committee, testing validity or scope of command of, 130 A.L.R. 327.

  • Issuance of subpoenas-Requirements for Server CCP 24.01(b)(1)(2) Subpoena for person younger than 18 CCP 24.011 Subpoena duces tecum CCP 24.02 Service and return CCP 24.04 Neglect to execute CCP 2.16 Instructor’s Note: The legislature may establish agencies or Commissions that are granted subpoena power.

  • Moreover, “the only director action or conduct that can be ratified is that which the shareholders are specifically asked to approve.” Id. No stockholder vote was ever conducted to ratify Poliak’s issuance of the Series B Preferred to himself.

More Definitions of Subpoena duces tecum

Subpoena duces tecum means a Subpoena that requires the person to whom the Subpoena is directed to bring to Hearing any documents, hard-copy or electronic, or other things under the person’s control that are pertinent to the issues presented in the disability retirement case.
Subpoena duces tecum means an official document requiring that an individual named to appear at a given time and place must bring a specific document or documents.
Subpoena duces tecum means a legal document that requires the production of specified books, records, written materials, and electronically recorded information and may require the attendance and testimony of a witness.
Subpoena duces tecum means a process whereby a witness is commanded to produce documents and/or papers.
Subpoena duces tecum means a document compelling production of specific materials
Subpoena duces tecum means a subpoena which includes an order that the witness produce documents or things.