Discloser definition

Discloser has the meaning set forth in Section 7.1.
Discloser has the meaning given in Section 7.02(a).

Examples of Discloser in a sentence

  • Confidential Information that is considered proprietary by either Party or that is delivered or disclosed by one Party ("Discloser") to the other Party ("Recipient") during the course of performance of the Contract will be held in confidence by the Recipient.

  • The Recipient shall not enter into any transactions, with any person or entity (including such entity’s affiliates and related entities) with regard to Discloser's Confidential Information without receiving express prior written consent from the Discloser.

  • Protections under the law To qualify for protection as a whistleblower under the Act and to receive specific legal rights you must meet all three of the following requirements: • you must be an eligible Discloser (as defined in paragraph 6 above); • you must have disclosed Reportable Conduct; • you must have made the disclosure through an appropriate reporting channel and to an eligible recipient (as referenced in paragraph 10 above).

  • You can lodge a complaint with NOVA if you believe a breach of your confidentiality as a Discloser has occurred by contacting NOVA’s Disclosure Officers.

  • Recipient may disclose Confidential Information to the extent required by law, provided Recipient makes reasonable efforts to give Discloser written notice of such requirement before disclosure and takes reasonable steps to obtain protective treatment of the Confidential Information.

More Definitions of Discloser

Discloser means the Party or its Affiliate that discloses its Confidential Information to the other Party or its Affiliate (provided, that providing information directly to an Affiliate of a Party shall be deemed to be a provision of such information to such Party).
Discloser means that Party to this Agreement which has disclosed Confidential Information to the other Party. “E911 Service” is a method of routing 911 calls to a PSAP that uses Customer location data in the ALI/DMS to determine the PSAP to which a call should be routed. “Effective Date” is the date indicated in the Preface on which the Agreement shall become effective.
Discloser means the party providing Confidential Information hereunder.