Subject Vehicle definition

Subject Vehicle means the vehicle being tested.
Subject Vehicle means the vehicle being tested
Subject Vehicle means the vehicle being tested. 2.9. "Soft Target" means a target that will suffer minimum damage and cause minimum damage to the subject vehicle in the event of a collision. 2.10. "Vehicle Target" means a target that represents a vehicle 2.110.1 "Pedestrian Target" means a soft target that represents a pedestrian 2.10.2 "Cyclist Target" means a soft target that represents a cyclist 2.12. "Common Space" means an area on which two or more information functions (e.g. symbol) may be displayed, but not simultaneously. 2.13. "Self-Check" means an integrated function that checks for a system failure on a continuous basis at least while the system is active. 2.14. "Time to Collision (TTC)" means the value of time obtained by dividing the longitudinal distance (in the direction of travel of the subject vehicle) between the subject vehicle and the target by the longitudinal relative speed of the subject vehicle and the target, at any instant in time. 2.15. "Dry road" means a road with a nominal peak braking coefficient of 0.9 2.16. "Peak braking coefficient (PBC)": means the measure of tyre to road surface friction based on the maximum deceleration of a rolling tyre. 2.17. "Calibration" means the process of setting a measurement system's response so that its output agrees with a range of reference signals." 2.18. "Mass of a vehicle in running order" means the mass of an unladen vehicle with bodywork, including coolant, oils, 90 per cent of fuel, 100 per cent of other liquids, driver (75 kg) but except used waters, tools, spare wheel. 2.19 "Unladen vehicle" means the mass in running order with an additional mass of maximum 125 kg. This additional mass includes the measuring equipment and a possible second person on the front seat who is responsible for noting the results. 2.20 "Laden vehicle" means, except where otherwise stated, a vehicle so laden as to attain its "maximum mass". 2.21. "Maximum mass" means the maximum mass stated by the vehicle manufacturer to be technically permissible (this mass may be higher than the "permissible maximum mass" laid down by the national administration).

Examples of Subject Vehicle in a sentence

  • The preliminary analysis of the delta-V experienced by the Subject vehicle is within the range of the threshold for event data to be recorded to the ACM and yet a download of the Subject vehicle's ACM reveals no recorded events.

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Subject Vehicle means the motor vehicle which is the subject of a Contract; and
Subject Vehicle means a motor vehicle that is the subject of an application approved
Subject Vehicle means 2010 to 2015 model year Prius vehicles and 2012 to 2017 model year Prius V vehicles that were the subject of Safety Recalls E0E, F0R, J0V, and/or 20TA10.
Subject Vehicle means a Mercedes-Benz 204 and 205 C-Class (model years 2008-2019), 204 GLK-Class (model years 2010-2015), 218 CLS-Class (model years 2012- 2017), 207, 212 and 213 E-Class (model years 2010-2019), 156 GLA-Class (model years 2015- 2019), 166 GL-Class (model years 2013-2016), 166 GLE-Class (model years 2016-2019), 166 GLS-Class (model years 2017-2019), 166 M-Class (model years 2012-2015), or 253 GLC-Class (model years 2016-2019) vehicle.
Subject Vehicle means the vehicle being subject to testing.
Subject Vehicle means a motor ve- hicle that is the subject of an application approved pursuant to ORS 319.890. [2013 c.781
Subject Vehicle means a mandatory vehicle or a voluntary vehicle.