Local Subdivision Contribution definition

Local Subdivision Contribution means the Local Subdivision financial share used for the sole and express purpose for paying or reimbursing the costs certified to the Director under this Agreement for completion of the project.
Local Subdivision Contribution means the amount of monetary contribution that must be provided to the Project by the Local Subdivision.

Examples of Local Subdivision Contribution in a sentence

  • The Recipient has sufficient moneys in addition to those granted to Recipient pursuant to this Agreement to fund the Project to completion, as its Local Subdivision Contribution.

  • In the event that the total actual Project costs exceed the estimated Cost of Project identified in Appendix B, the OPWC shall not be required to increase the maximum amount of the grant and the Recipient shall increase its Local Subdivision Contribution to meet such actual Cost of Project.

  • Recipient is solely responsible for ensuring compliance with federal requirements applicable to its Local Subdivision Contribution.

  • If the Recipient determines that the moneys provided pursuant to Section II, together with the Local Subdivision Contribution, are insufficient to pay in full the costs of the Project, the Recipient may make a request for supplemental assistance to its District Committee.

  • The Recipient further acknowledges and agrees that none of the duties and obligations imposed by this Agreement on the Director shall be binding until the Recipient has complied with all applicable provisions of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 164 and until the Recipient has acquired and committed all funds necessary for the full payment of the Local Subdivision Contribution applicable to the Project.

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  • Local Subdivision means any county, municipal corporation, township, sanitary district or regional water and sewer district of the State.

  • Final Subdivision Map means a final tract map, parcel map, lot line adjustment, or functionally equivalent map or instrument that creates building sites, recorded in the County Office of the Recorder.

  • Political subdivision means a city, village, town or county.

  • Campaign Contribution means a gift, subscription, loan, advance or deposit of money or other thing of value, including the estimated value of an in-kind contribution, that is made to or received by an applicable public official or any person authorized to raise, collect or expend contributions on that official’s behalf for the purpose of electing the official to either statewide or local office. “Campaign Contribution” includes the payment of a debt incurred in an election campaign, but does not include the value of services provided without compensation or unreimbursed travel or other personal expenses of individuals who volunteer a portion or all of their time on behalf of a candidate or political committee, nor does it include the administrative or solicitation expenses of a political committee that are paid by an organization that sponsors the committee.

  • Political contribution means any payment, gift, subscription, assessment, contract, payment for services, dues, loan, forbearance, advance or deposit of money or any valuable thing, to a candidate for public office or to a political committee, including but not limited to a political action committee, made for the purpose of influencing any election in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or for paying debts incurred by or for a candidate or committee before or after any election.

  • Estimated Provincial Subsidy means the estimated provincial subsidy calculated in accordance with Applicable Policy.