Sports Court definition

Sports Court. All Hirers/users of the Sports Court must abide by these Terms and Conditions, and also abide by the usage instructions posted on the sports court entrance gate. Hirers must take sensible health and safety precautions when using any of the fixed or portable equipment provided.
Sports Court means an outdoor asphalt court (not including parking lots) designed for athletic purposes (i.e. basketball court, tennis court, etc.) surrounded by fencing or on a standalone pad.

Examples of Sports Court in a sentence

  • The surface of the Pitch must be a Sports Court or of another surface approved by the IISHF.

  • Although the impartial hearing officer may grant specific extensions of such time, he or she must mail a written decision to the district and the parents within five business days after the last hearing date, and in no event later than 45 calendar days after receipt of the request for a hearing, without exceptions or extensions.

  • To see if the Town will vote to appropriate a sum of money for the construction of a Multi- Purpose Sports Court at the Mystic School including engineering services, construction and all other costs incidental and related thereto; to determine whether this appropriation shall be from Free Cash or other available funds; or take any other action in relation thereto.

  • The required Site Density for all Commercial properties on private and Public Property is 12 trees per acre plus one tree for every 3000 square feet of site area that is not occupied by a Building, multi-story parking structure, Sports Field, Sports Court, Swimming Pool, electrical substation or other open-air electrical power equipment yard owned or operated by a public utility, pond, or other perennially wet body of water.

  • The ÍSÍ Sports Court, however, is always a court of first instance in matters regarding violations of Articles 2 and 10 of the ÍSÍ Anti-Doping Regulation.

  • The following additional Infrastructure Budget Bids be noted: • PSN000731 Sports Court Lighting Installation capital bid $120k per annum commencing 2022/23 ($124k) and continuing over multiple years, as per Council Resolution 0884/2021.

  • Through various fundraisers and parent donations, the school has now been able to focus on structural and campus upgrades like the Sports Court, mini soccer fields, and covered walkway.

  • The ÍSÍ Sports Court shall have a special complaint form prepared for use.

  • Armand, Abstract 127, The Electrochemical Society and The Electrochemical Society of Japan Meeting Abstracts, Vol.99-2, Honolulu, HI, Oct.17-22 (1999).

  • The ÍSÍ Sports Court is a court of first instance in matters arising within the sports movement, unless a relevant sport federation has a special court, cf.

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