Sports Court definition

Sports Court means an outdoor asphalt court (not including parking lots) designed for athletic purposes (i.e. basketball court, tennis court, etc.) surrounded by fencing or on a standalone pad.

Examples of Sports Court in a sentence

One (1) Barbeque area with two (2) gas grills and with tables and umbrella style seating will be located near the Sports Court and available for use.

No Fence shall be permitted which exceeds six (6) feet in height, except those constructed to encompass a Sports Court.

We need to address basic needs within the aboriginal communities.

Squat down close to the load, get a firm grip, keep back straight, lift slowly with leg power.

First, labor by men predomi- nates in most rubber production activities.

Any abuse or misconduct will lead to disciplinary action up to the loss of use of the Sports Court and/or Clubhouse.

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Fences encompassing a Sports Court may be no taller than 10 feet above the Sports Court surface and may only encompass the court surface and a 10-foot buffer around the playing surface.

Sports Court: Former tennis court currently available for miscellaneous sporting activities and also used during swim meets as a “bullpen”.

Managers are responsible for identifying and effectively managing all risks in their areas of responsibility as well as for mitigating risk through enhancing the internal control measures applied in their respective areas of operation.

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