Special election definition

Special election means an election held as authorized by Section 20A-1-203.
Special election means any election that is held pursuant to law to fill a vacancy in office or to
Special election means an election held on a day other than the day specified for a primary

Examples of Special election in a sentence

  • Special election for assets placed in service by a pass-through entity when the section 179 deduction is claimed by an owner of that pass-through.

  • A tie for election between two or more candidates in a special runoff election.2. Special election within sixty days of the annual election, if;a.

  • Whatever remains is the amount the corporation or other entity will be permitted to deduct (special election deduction) in future years.e. Special election deduction.(1) Calculation.

  • School district reorganization - Approved plan - Special election - Formation of new district.1. If the state board approves a reorganization plan, the state board shall notify each county superintendent of schools having jurisdiction over real property in the proposed new district.

  • This report is based on the information contained in the written replies that the Treasury provided to the EU questionnaire sent prior to the review, information obtained from the discussions with Treasury personnel and members of the U.S. review team, as well as information contained in other publicly available Treasury documents.

More Definitions of Special election

Special election means an election held as authorized by Section 20A-1-204.
Special election means an election to elect an individual to, or nominate an individual for, a partial term in office or to submit a ballot question to the electors.
Special election means that term as defined in section 4 of the Michigan election law, MCL 168.4.
Special election means an election other than a statutorily scheduled primary or general
Special election means any election, other than those described in subs. (5), (12s), (21), and (22), to fill vacancies or to conduct a referendum.
Special election means any election other than those elections defined in other divisions of this section. A special election may be held only on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in February, May, August, or November, or on the day authorized by a particular municipal or county charter for the holding of a primary election, except that in any year in which a presidential primary election is held, no special election shall be held in February or May, except as authorized by a municipal or county charter, but may be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March.
Special election means any election called by a governing board for submission of ballot issues and other matters, as authorized by their enabling legislation. Any governing body may petition a district court judge who has jurisdiction over the political subdivision for permission to hold a special election on a day other than those specified in this subsection (46). The district court judge may grant permission only upon a finding that an election on the days specified would be impossible or impracticable or upon a finding that an unforeseeable emergency would require an election on a day other than those specified.