Slight definition

Slight means whether Plaintiffsnegligence was small in comparison with the negligence of MELVIN WEDMORE.
Slight means the trait is detected only upon critical exam- ination.
Slight means “small in amount or degree”, “small in degree; inconsiderable”. For an article to be slightly modified from another the modification must only be small or inconsiderable. If the modification is more than small or inconsiderable, it is not slight.20

Examples of Slight in a sentence

  • No degradation of critical components and minor distress and defect noticeable for some but not non critical components within the system.• Good (G) - Slight or no serviceability reduction for the entire system.

  • Ordinary physical activity does not cause undue fatigue, dyspnea, or anginal pain.Class II: Slight limitation of physical activity.

  • Slight variation in proportion for technical requirement will have to be carried out without any extra cost.

  • Slight stains of torqueing compound dye may remain after cleaning provided the dye is not transferred to a cloth after vigorous rubbing is acceptable.

  • Slight deviations with customary tolerances shall be permitted at the execution of the agreement.

  • Slight unevenness at the meeting edges of slabs shall first be removed (if necessary by removing and replacing the stones).

  • Slight differences between the years are possible, due to foreign currency effects.

  • Slight initial agitation to start the flow through the funnel at the beginning of the test is permissible.

  • Not classified - based on available data, the classification criteria are not met.Eye contactCorrosion/irritation : Slight irritation possible.

  • Slight variations in analytical procedures between laboratories will reflect as slight biases to the recommended concentrations (see 19).

More Definitions of Slight

Slight disablement means a degree of disablement between 10 % and 30 % inclusive;
Slight means little or no erosion is likely; “moderate” means some erosion is likely, roads may require occasional maintenance and simple erosion controls needed; “severe” means substantial erosion is expected, roads require frequent maintenance and erosion controls needed.
Slight damage means that minor structural damage has occurred to the building. Minor works are only required at that stage.
Slight deviation, ‘moderate status’ means ‘moderate’ deviation, and so on.

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