Definition of Site Management Agreement

Site Management Agreement means any lease (other than a Ground Lease), management agreement, or similar agreement pursuant to which a Borrower is authorized to sublease or otherwise broker space at a Managed Site.
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Examples of Site Management Agreement in a sentence

The Issuer shall cause the Asset Entities to fully perform as and when due each and all of their obligations under each Site Management Agreement in accordance with the terms of such Site Management Agreement, and shall not permit the Asset Entities to, cause or suffer to occur any material breach or default in any of such obligations.
The Manager shall perform on behalf of each Owner any obligation reasonably required of such Owner pursuant to any utility contract, Site Management Agreement, agency agreement, or other agreement related to the Sites (other than the payment of amounts due from the Owners thereunder, which payments shall be paid out of the Operating Account as provided herein).
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this Site Management Agreement as of the date on page one above.
If any Asset Entity fails to renew a Site Management Agreement which is required to be renewed pursuant to this Section 7.25(b), such Asset Entity hereby grants to each of the Indenture Trustee and the Servicer a power of attorney to renew such Site Management Agreement on behalf of such Asset Entity.
Upon the Indenture Trustees or the Servicers request, the Issuer shall submit satisfactory evidence of payment or performance of any of its obligations under each Site Management Agreement.