Generating Unit definition

Generating Unit means one or more generating equipment combinations typically consisting of prime mover(s), electric generator(s), electric transformer(s), steam generator(s) and air emission control devices.
Generating Unit means an electricity generator and related equipment essential to the electricity generator’s operation, which together function as a single entity;
Generating Unit means any Apparatus which produces electricity;

Examples of Generating Unit in a sentence

  • The CAISO Tariff provides that the CAISO shall not accept Bids for Energy or Ancillary Services generated by any Generating Unit otherwise than through a Scheduling Coordinator.

  • The actual meter read sign convention for direction of flow is as follows: Imports into the SMUD Service Region and the UC Xxxxx Medical Center Generating Unit generation, as metered at SMUD’s Mid-City Substation, are negative (-) and Exports from the SMUD Service Region are positive (+).

More Definitions of Generating Unit

Generating Unit means any combination of physically connected generator(s), reactor(s), boiler(s), combustion turbine(s), or other prime mover(s) operated together to produce electric power.
Generating Unit means a unit of a generating station;
Generating Unit means any equipment in which electrical conductors are used or supported or of which they form part which produces electricity, including such equipment which produces electricity from storage;
Generating Unit means a device that converts mechanical, chemical, electromagnetic, or thermal energy into electricity and that:
Generating Unit means any apparatus used for, or for purposes connected with, the production of electricity;
Generating Unit means any of the generating units of the power plant of the Seller, specified as generation source by Bidder it its Bid;
Generating Unit means a mechanical apparatus or structure which through the