Shipment of Goods definition

Shipment of Goods means any shipment other than Postal Shipment.
Shipment of Goods. Nu Skin agrees to ship, at a time convenient to you, one container to the Philippines for which Nu Skin will cover the cost of shipping, handling, and insurance charges. You will use your best efforts to arrange for duty free importation of these goods. (Nu Skin understands and accepts that some of the items shipped may be among those listed on IAPE page 6 but that in no event will it include a car.) This benefit will not foreclose the possibility of a later shipment as provided on IAPE page 9 to address needs arising out of an extended stay abroad or relocation to another place of assignment (e.g. Latin America).

Examples of Shipment of Goods in a sentence

  • Some limited form of spatial indexing can be provided by maintaining sets of z-elements (see Section 4.2.1) for the geometries in special relations which in turn can be indexed through a B-tree.Dual Architecture.

  • Shipment of Goods, provision of Services, and delivery and use of technical information under Buyer’s Order is subject to all decrees, statutes, laws, rules, and regulations which govern export, re-export, or otherwise pertain to export controls of the United States, including, but not limited to, the United States Department of Commerce Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and the United States Department of State International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

  • Such purchases shall not be considered a breach of Contract by the District or the Contractor.3.6. Shipment of Goods under Reservation Prohibited.

  • Shipment of Goods held by reason of Buyer’s request or inability to receive Goods will be at the risk and expense of Buyer.

  • Shipment of Goods in an amount within a range of ten percent (10%) more or less than the quantities set forth on the face of Seller’s applicable order confirmation shall be deemed full satisfaction of delivery of quantities ordered, provided that Seller shall only invoice Customer for the quantities of Goods actually shipped.

  • Shipment of Goods shall be properly packed, loaded and shipped in accordance with any packaging, Specifications, shipping method and other related requirements set forth in this Purchase Order or otherwise communicated by Buyer, and unless otherwise instructed by Buyer, only by a licensed carrier over the least expensive route.

  • Shipment of Goods (as defined below) or performance of services that are the subject of the order shall be deemed to be an acceptance by Seller of the terms of this Contract.

  • Have you participated as mediator, or party attorney or representative, in at least one complete mediation?Yes 10BPatent Law and Litigation Experience (does not have to be exclusive): c.

  • Limitation of liability means that in the case when the User has any concerns or objections regarding received Goods or Services, he has the right to open a dispute within three days of the Shipment of Goods or provision of Services offered on the Portal as referred to in § 14 p.

  • Ministerial Ordinance to Suspend Shipment of Goods to Mainland China (Ordinance of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry No. 100 of 1950) shall be repealed.

Related to Shipment of Goods

  • Supply of goods means the transfer of the right to dispose of tangible property as owner.

  • Cost of Goods means the fully burdened cost to manufacture Compound or Drug Product, as applicable, (the “Supplied Product”) which means: (a) [ * ]; and (b) in the case of [ * ]. Actual unit costs shall consist of [ * ].

  • Turnover of zero-rated supply of goods means the value of zero-rated supply of goods made during the relevant period without payment of tax under bond or letter of undertaking;

  • Cost of Goods Sold means [ * ].

  • Release of goods means the act whereby the customs authorities make goods available for the purposes stipulated by the customs procedure under which they are placed.

  • Shipment means a volume of products offered to and accepted by Carrier for transportation.

  • continuous supply of goods means a supply of goods which is provided, or agreed to be provided, continuously or on recurrent basis, under a contract, whether or not by means of a wire, cable, pipeline or other conduit, and for which the supplier invoices the recipient on a regular or periodic basis and includes supply of such goods as the Government may, subject to such conditions, as it may, by notification, specify;

  • Finished Products means any one or more of the following petroleum oils, or a mixture or combination of these oils, to be used without further processing except blending by mechanical means:

  • Finished Product means a cannabis product in its final form to be sold at a retail premises.

  • shipped includes removal from the work sites by ship or any other means;

  • API means American Petroleum Institute.

  • Final Product means a product that is not used in producing other products and is built and intended for use outdoors, provided the final product has not deteriorated or has otherwise become a potential source of contaminants.

  • Bulk Product means Licensed Product supplied in a form other than Finished Product which can be converted into Finished Product.

  • Drug sample means a unit of a prescription drug that is not intended to be sold and is intended to promote the sale of the drug.

  • Quality Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 9.6.

  • Tobacco product manufacturer means an entity that after the date of enactment of this Act directly (and not exclusively through any affiliate):

  • Purchase Orders means official orders issued by an operating division of Transnet to the Supplier/Service Provider for the supply of Goods or Services;

  • The Equipment/Product means all the Air conditioners along with the accessories which the Vendor is required to supply to the Bank under the Contract.

  • Manufacturing Services means the manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, stability testing, packaging, and related services, set forth in this Agreement, required to manufacture Product or Products from Active Materials and Components;

  • Purchase Order means the form or format a Customer uses to make a purchase under the Contract (e.g., a formal written purchase order, electronic purchase order, procurement card, contract or other authorized means).

  • Product Warranty has the meaning set forth in Section 9.3.

  • Manufacturing Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 2.6.

  • SKU means stock keeping unit.

  • Work Order means an individually negotiated document that is executed by both Parties and which authorizes a Project, if any, in an indefinite quantity Contract.

  • Supply Point means the point of connection between the licensed network and your apparatus or equipment.

  • Finished Goods means completed goods which require no additional processing or manufacturing to be sold to third party customers by the Loan Parties in the ordinary course of business.