New Equity Interests definition

New Equity Interests means the equity in Reorganized Debtors to be authorized, issued or reserved on the Effective Date pursuant to the Plan, which shall constitute all of the direct or indirect equity of the Reorganized Debtors.
New Equity Interests means 100% of the equity interests in the Reorganized Company Party.

Examples of New Equity Interests in a sentence

Except as otherwise expressly provided in the Restructuring Documents, the Reorganized Parent shall not be obligated to register the New Equity Interests under the Securities Act or to list the New Equity Interests for public trading on any securities exchange.

On the Effective Date, the transactions contemplated by the Post Confirmation Credit Facility, if any, shall be consummated and thereupon become effective, and the Acquired Assets or the New Equity Interests shall be acquired by the Purchaser in exchange for purchase price to be paid for the Acquired Assets or the New Equity Interests.

Upon the issuance of the New Equity Interests and the occurrence of the Effective Date, the election or appointment of directors and officers pursuant to the Plan and the Confirmation Order and the other matters provided in the Plan involving the corporate structure of the Reorganized Debtors shall be deemed to occur and shall be in effect from and after the Effective Date without any requirement of further action by the shareholders or directors of the SMSA II Debtors or the Reorganized Debtors.

Upon the issuance of the New Equity Interests and the occurrence of the Effective Date,, the operation of the Reorganized Debtors shall become the general responsibility of its New Board of Directors, subject to, and in accordance with, the Amended Bylaws.

The closing under the New Equity Interests Purchase Agreement or Operations Transfer Agreement, as applicable, shall have occurred (in accordance with the terms and conditions thereof) and all amounts required to be paid by the Purchaser shall have been paid.

More Definitions of New Equity Interests

New Equity Interests means the limited liability company
New Equity Interests means the ownership interests in Reorganized Parent authorized to be issued pursuant to this Plan (and subject to the Restructuring Transactions) and the Amended/New Organizational Documents, which ownership interests shall consist of the New Class A Shares and the New Class B Shares. The New Class A Shares and the New Class B Shares will have identical economic and voting rights, except that the New Class B Shares shall be subject to redemption as provided in the Amended/New Organizational Documents.
New Equity Interests means all of the new common equity authorized by the Plan to be issued by any of the Reorganized Debtors, as of and on the Effective Date, the terms of which shall be disclosed in the Plan Supplement and shall otherwise be in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the First Lien Agent and DIP Agent, acting at the direction of the DIP Required Lenders and First Lien Required Lenders, respectively.
New Equity Interests means the shares of common stock of Reorganized ISH authorized under the New Certificate of Incorporation of Reorganized ISH.
New Equity Interests means the new common stock to be issued by Reorganized FCI on the Effective Date or upon exercise of the Special Warrants, authorized pursuant to the Amended Organizational Documents of Reorganized FCI.