Seller's Liability definition

Seller's Liability. The Seller shall be under no liabilities in respect of any loss, damage or injury suffered by such representatives, and the Buyer shall indemnify the Seller against any loss, damage or liability sustained or incurred by the Seller howsoever caused as a consequence of or arising out of or in connection with the attendance of such representatives on board the Vessel during its acceptance trials.
Seller's Liability means any personal liability of a Stockholder who is selling its Stock pursuant to this Agreement for the repayment of any loans made to the Company by a third party lender (whether pursuant to a guaranty, loan, security or indemnification arrangement or otherwise).
Seller's Liability has the meaning as defined in Section 8.2.1.

Examples of Seller's Liability in a sentence

  • Waiver of Subrogation is also provided in favor of Buyer with regards to Seller's Liability and Workers Compensation coverage.

  • Seller's Liability - If the goods are not in accordance with the Buyer’s purchase order for any reason the Buyer’s sole remedy shall be limited to the Seller making good any shortage by replacing such goods or if the Seller shall elect by refunding a proportionate part of the price.

  • Considering the career development activities you have participated in, how helpful was the [insert name of school’s specific BEST program name (Example: ASPIRE)] program in providing: 16.

  • See the risk factor entitled "Risks Related to the Mortgage Loans – Limitation of Seller's Liability".

  • Buyer shall be liable and hold Seller harmless for any claims relating to the employment of any Transferred Employee by Buyer arising after the Effective Time; provided, however, nothing in this Agreement shall limit or mitigate Seller's Liability and obligations under the preceding sentences of this Section 8.05(f) .

  • Harrison, assistant secretary of state for Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. State Department; Roland Lagareta, chair, EWC Board of Governors.

  • The provisions of Schedule 6 (Limitations on Sellers' Liability) shall limit the liability of the Sellers in relation to any Claim in each case to the extent set out therein.

  • Except as set forth in Section 10.2(b), the aggregate personal liability (the "Personal Liability Amount") of each of the Sellers with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby is, and shall be, limited to an aggregate amount equal to the product of the Sellers' Liability Amount and the Percentage Interest of such Seller.

  • To the extent any term or provision of this Agreement provides for the joint and several liability of the Sellers, such joint and several liability shall be limited in the aggregate, in all respects with respect to all of the Sellers, to the Sellers' Liability Amount (except as set forth in Section 10.2(b)), and in all respects with respect to any of the Sellers, to the applicable Personal Liability Amount (except as set forth in Section 10.2(b)).

  • The aerosol content is quite high at those sites, especially in Pantnagar where aerosol optical depths range from 0.2 to 1.5. For this comparison, S5p data has been selected within 20 km around the station and MAX-DOAS measurements within 2 hours of the satellite overpass time.

Related to Seller's Liability

  • Seller Damages shall have the meaning given to such term in Section 14.3.

  • Products Liability means:Your legal liability in respect of Personal Injury and/or Property Damage caused by or arising out of any Products or the reliance upon a representation or warranty made at any time with respect to such products; but only where such Personal Injury and/or Property Damage occurs away from premises owned or leased by or rented to You and after physical possession of such products has been relinquished to others.

  • Maximum Liability has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 10.10.

  • Assumed Liability means any one of them;

  • Excluded Liability means any liability that is excluded under the Bail-In Legislation from the scope of any Bail-In Action including, without limitation, any liability excluded pursuant to Article 44 of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive.

  • Aircraft Liability This policy does not cover "aircraft liability".

  • BRRD Liability means a liability in respect of which the relevant Write Down and Conversion Powers in the applicable Bail-in Legislation may be exercised.

  • Product Liability means liability for damages because of personal injury, death, emotional harm, consequential economic damage, or property damage, including damages resulting from the loss of use of property, arising out of the manufacture, design, importation, distribution, packaging, labeling, lease, or sale of a product, but does not include the liability of a person for those damages if the product involved was in the possession of the person when the incident giving rise to the claim occurred.

  • Defects Liability Period means the warranty period following the taking over, during which the Contractor is responsible for making good, defects and damage in Goods and Services provided, under the Contract.

  • UK Bail-in Liability means a liability in respect of which the UK Bail-in Powers may be exercised.

  • Indemnity Obligations means all obligations of the Company to Indemnitee under this Agreement, including the Company’s obligations to provide indemnification to Indemnitee and advance Expenses to Indemnitee under this Agreement.

  • Hovercraft Liability This policy does not cover "hovercraft liability".

  • Product Liabilities means all losses, damages, fees, costs and other liabilities incurred by a Party, its Affiliate or its sublicensee and resulting from or relating to the any use of a Compound and/or a Product in a human (including in Clinical Trials and/or pursuant to Commercialization) in the Territory, other than any losses, damages, fees, costs and other liabilities that are a result of a Party’s, its Affiliates’ or its sublicensee’s negligence, willful misconduct or breach of such Party’s representations and warranties made hereunder. For the avoidance of doubt, Product Liabilities include, reasonable attorneys’ and experts’ fees and costs relating to any claim or potential claim against a Party, its Affiliate, or its sublicensee and all losses, damages, fees, costs. Product Liabilities shall not include liabilities associated with recalls and/or the voluntary or involuntary withdrawal of the Compound and/or a Product.

  • Legal Liability means responsibility which courts recognize and enforce between persons who sue one another.

  • Environmental Damages means all claims, judgments, damages, losses, penalties, fines, liabilities (including strict liability), encumbrances, liens, costs, and expenses of investigation and defense of any claim, whether or not such claim is ultimately defeated, and of any good faith settlement of judgment, of whatever kind or nature, contingent or otherwise matured or unmatured, foreseeable or unforeseeable, including without limitation reasonable attorneys’ fees and disbursements and consultants’ fees, any of which are incurred at any time as a result of the existence of Hazardous Materials upon, about or beneath any Real Property or migrating to or from any Real Property, or the existence of a violation of Environmental Requirements pertaining to any Real Property, regardless of whether the existence of such Hazardous Materials or the violation of Environmental Requirements arose prior to the present ownership or operation of such Real Property.

  • Buyer Losses has the meaning set forth in Section 10.1(a).

  • D&O Liability Insurance Policies means all insurance policies (including any “tail policy”) of any of the Debtors for liability of any current or former directors, managers, officers, and members.

  • Defects Liability Period (Warranty Period) means the period stated in the Schedule A Special Stipulations, following the taking over, during which the Contractor is responsible for making good defects and damage in accordance with Clause 15.

  • Defect Liability Period in relation to a work means the specified period from the date of COMPLETION CERTIFICATE upto the date of issue of FINAL CERTIFICATE during which the CONTRACTOR stands responsible for rectifying all defects that may appear in the works executed by the CONTRACTOR in pursuance of the CONTRACT and includes warranties against Manufacturing/Fabrication/ Erection/Construction defects covering all materials plants, equipment, components, and the like supplied by the CONTRACTOR, works executed against workmanship defects.

  • Indemnification Obligations means each of the Debtors’ indemnification obligations in place as of the Effective Date, whether in the bylaws, certificates of incorporation or formation, limited liability company agreements, other organizational or formation documents, board resolutions, management or indemnification agreements, or employment or other contracts, for their current and former directors, officers, managers, employees, attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, and other professionals and agents of the Debtors, as applicable.

  • Defects Liability Expiry Certificate means the certificate to be issued by the Client to the Contractor, in accordance with the Contract.

  • Seller Obligations means all present and future indebtedness, reimbursement obligations, and other liabilities and obligations (howsoever created, arising or evidenced, whether direct or indirect, absolute or contingent, or due or to become due) of the Seller to any Purchaser Party, Seller Indemnified Party and/or any Affected Person, arising under or in connection with this Agreement or any other Transaction Document or the transactions contemplated hereby or thereby, and shall include, without limitation, all obligations of the Seller in respect of the Seller Guaranty and the payment of all Capital, Yield, Fees and other amounts due or to become due under the Transaction Documents (whether in respect of fees, costs, expenses, indemnifications or otherwise), including, without limitation, interest, fees and other obligations that accrue after the commencement of any Insolvency Proceeding with respect to the Seller (in each case whether or not allowed as a claim in such proceeding).

  • Contingent Liability means any agreement, undertaking or arrangement by which any Person guarantees, endorses or otherwise becomes or is contingently liable upon (by direct or indirect agreement, contingent or otherwise, to provide funds for payment, to supply funds to, or otherwise to invest in, a debtor, or otherwise to assure a creditor against loss) the indebtedness, obligation or any other liability of any other Person (other than by endorsements of instruments in the course of collection), or guarantees the payment of dividends or other distributions upon the shares of any other Person. The amount of any Person’s obligation under any Contingent Liability shall (subject to any limitation set forth therein) be deemed to be the outstanding principal amount (or maximum outstanding principal amount, if larger) of the debt, obligation or other liability guaranteed thereby.

  • Environmental Damage means any material injury or damage to persons, living organisms or property (including offence to man's senses) or any pollution or impairment of the environment resulting from the discharge, emission, escape or migration of any substance, energy, noise or vibration;

  • Seller Claims has the meaning set forth in Section 7.2(a).

  • Tax Warranty means a representation or warranty in Section 4.19.