Satisfy definition

Satisfy means to pay-in-full either through the rendering of certificated classroom teaching service or mon- etary repayment in fulfillment of the participant's contractual obligation.
Satisfy means that one cannot use FCT as an excuse for inferior product performance or quality. The traditional rule of thumb that says rapid product development will cost more and degrade quality is a long deed. World-class FCT competitors such as Toyota have clearly demonstrated that speed does not have to
Satisfy means to either (a) wire transfer to Parent immediately available funds equal to the specified amount or (b) transfer to Parent for cancellation the number of shares of Parent Common Stock equal to the quotient of (1) the specified amount divided by (2) the Indemnification Share Value. To the extent clause (b) above applies, Parent shall be entitled to take all actions necessary to cancel the number of shares specified in clause (b) automatically without further action on the part of the Indemnifying Securityholder to the extent such Indemnifying Securityholder fails to promptly transfer such shares to Parent.

Examples of Satisfy in a sentence

Satisfy any requirement for the expenditure of non-federal funds as a condition for the receipt of federal funds.

Satisfy the Nodal Officer/Engineer in Charge that the appliance is in good working condition.

The Company reserves the right to modify or eliminate the Withdrawals to Satisfy Required Minimum Distribution (“RMD”) provision if there is any change to the Internal Revenue Code or IRS rules relating to required minimum distributions, including the issuance of relevant IRS guidance.

Failure to Satisfy Asset TestsAfter initially meeting the asset tests at the close of any quarter, we will not lose our qualification as a REIT for failure to satisfy the asset tests at the end of a later quarter solely by reason of changes in asset values.

Satisfy the legal requirements for being totally and permanently disabled under the Social Security Act; and2.

See “—Annual Distribution Requirements.” Failure to Satisfy the Gross Income TestsWe intend to monitor our sources of income, including any non-qualifying income received by us, and manage our assets so as to ensure our compliance with the gross income tests.

Satisfy Texas Success Initiative (hereinafter the “TSI”) requirements, including the College pre-assessment activity (hereinafter the “PAA”); and (h).

Withdrawals Exceeding Protected Payment Amount — Except as otherwise provided under the Withdrawals to Satisfy Required Minimum Distribution provision of this Rider, if a withdrawal exceeds the Protected Payment Amount immediately prior to that withdrawal, we will reduce the Protected Payment Base.

Satisfy all necessary creditworthiness requirements for QSEs as described in Section 16.2, and operate as an Emergency QSE as described below.

Satisfy any requirement for the expenditure of SABG funds as a condition for the receipt of federal funds.

More Definitions of Satisfy

Satisfy удовлетворять
Satisfy удовлетворять (кого-либо; чьи- либо требования, запросы); соответство- вать, отвечать (каким-либо требованиям) savings - сбережения

Related to Satisfy

Requirements means all of the Specifications, requirements and services set out in the RFQ that describes the general requirements that the goods, materials, equipment and services must meet and the Contractor must provide;
Tax Obligations means taxes, withholding, certification and reporting requirements, claims for exemptions or refund, interest, penalties, additions to tax and other related expenses.
Tests means and include such test or tests to be carried out on the part of the contractor as are prescribed in the contract or considered necessary by BHEL, in order to ascertain the quality, workmanship, performance and efficiency of the contractor or part there of.
FICA means the Federal Insurance Contributions Act.
Listing Requirements means the Main Market Listing Requirements of the Exchange, including any modifications or amendments to the Listing Requirements that may be made from time to time.
Reserve means a percentage of the funds received into your Account that we hold in order to protect against the risk of Reversals, Chargebacks, Claims or any other liability related to your Account and/or use of the PayPal Services.
Withholding Agent means any Loan Party and the Administrative Agent.
Program Requirements means that the Open Ecosystem Partner has to fulfill certain minimum program requirements, some of which are general Open Ecosystem requirements, some of which are specific for the “Sell Engagement” and some of which are specific for the different “On Premise” Product Families, including, without limitation, upholding a Sell Authorization for at least one “On Premise” Product Family and other requirements as set out in detail in the Open Ecosystem Program Guide.
Withholding Tax means the aggregate federal, state and local taxes, domestic or foreign, required by law or regulation to be withheld with respect to any taxable event arising under the Plan.