Road freight definition

Road freight means the physical carriage of goods for commercial purpose by road using vans and trucks. This includes the provision of services and utilities and the movement of waste;
Road freight. Means the industry in which employers and employees are associated for the purpose of the transportation of goods by means of a goods vehicle, for reward, on a public road.

Examples of Road freight in a sentence

  • Road freight charges from Seller’s works to Pata inclusive of all taxes, duties, levies including service tax and cess thereon.

  • Road freight charges from Seller’s works to BCPL , Lepetkata inclusive of all taxes, duties, levies including service tax and cess thereon.

  • In case the material is transported by Road then the method of lead calculation will be as outlined above, but reimbursement shall be made maximum upto 150% of relevant rail tariff or actual Road freight, whichever is lower.

  • Road freight transport services, including goods vehicles operating licensing.

  • The cost of Railway / Road freight, insurance, taxes such as excise duty, sales tax, octroi charges, local transportation including loading, unloading as per directions at site of work shall be born by the contractor.

  • Road freight transport services for hire and reward employs around 3 million people, while the road passenger transport sector (buses, coaches and taxis) adds another 2 million employed persons (a third of which are taxi drivers).

  • Intrinsic SAN function was also studied in vivo by blocking the autonomic nervous system with propranolol and atropine (10mg/kg each).

  • Road freight transport operations established in Greece may only use vehicles that are registered in Greece.

  • Road freight is the predominant mode of freight transport in Limpopo Province according to the Limpopo SDF, 2016.

  • Road freight is most appropriate for the movement of goods between many origins and many destinations.

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