Restraint definition

Restraint means any physical hold, device, or chemical substance that restricts, or is meant to restrict, the movement or normal functioning of an individual.
Restraint has the meaning set forth in Section 8.1(b).

Examples of Restraint in a sentence

  • S.C. Dep’t of Educ., Guidelines on the Use of Seclusion and Restraint (Aug.

  • If you are asking the court to order Tasmania Police to serve the Restraint Order or Interim Restraint Order please provide details as to why this is necessary.

  • Restraint the respondent from reporting on the work performance of the aggrieved woman on writing her confidential report, and assign the same to another officer.

  • Restraint or seclusion may not be used as a punishment, for the convenience of staff, or as a substitute for treatment programs.

  • Restraint authorities are sought for residents requiring protective assistive devices and are reviewed regularly, with staff generally having knowledge of restraint policy and procedures.

More Definitions of Restraint

Restraint means the use of a mechanical device, medication, physical intervention, or hands-on hold to prevent an individual receiving services from moving his body to engage in a behavior that places him or others at imminent risk. There are three kinds of restraints:
Restraint means any method or device used to involuntarily limit freedom of movement, including but not limited to bodily physical force and seclusion.
Restraint means the use of physical force, with or without the use of any physical device or material, to restrict the free movement of all or a portion of a student's body. "Restraint" does not include comforting or calming a student, holding the hand or arm of a student to escort the student if the student is complying, intervening in a fight or using an assistive or protective device prescribed by an appropriately trained professional or professional team;
Restraint means any physical or chemical method of restricting a patient’s freedom of movement, physical activity, or access to the patient’s own body.
Restraint means any physical device that the resident cannot manipulate that is used to restrict movement or normal access to the resident‟s body.
Restraint shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.1(b)(ii).
Restraint means restraint as defined in OAR 411-004-0010(19):