Physical Intervention definition

Physical Intervention means the use of any physical action or any response to maintain the health and safety of an individual or others during a potentially dangerous situation or event.
Physical Intervention means the use of a manual technique intended to interrupt or stop a behavior from occur- ring. This includes using physical restraint to release or escape from a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation.
Physical Intervention means the use of a manual technique in­ tended to interrupt or stop a behavior from occurring. This includes using physical restraint to release or escape from a dangerous or po­ tentially dangerous situation.

Examples of Physical Intervention in a sentence

  • The Authority may require the Provider to provide training including additional and refresher training for any members of its staff who in the reasonable opinion of the Authority have not been adequately trained in Physical Intervention techniques.

  • DOMINION ACADEMY Policies, Regulations, and Notices Use of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and Physical Intervention Physical Restraint.

  • In addition the Provider shall make available appropriate training to any staff member who may be called upon to apply Physical Intervention in relation to a Service User.

  • The module training to be provided would be as follows: Back Care and Lifting Module; Health and Safety Module; Positive Physical Intervention Module.

  • Physical Intervention DH will work with key partners to make sure that physical restraint is only used when there is no alternative.

More Definitions of Physical Intervention

Physical Intervention means any manual physical holding of, or contact with an individual that restricts the individual's freedom of movement.
Physical Intervention means use of manual holding to suppress challenging behavior. Physical restraint by means of a device is prohibited.
Physical Intervention means a behavior management technique in which staff use the minimum amount of physical contact on a resident, which is necessary for the circumstances, in accordance with RSA 627:6, II(b) and RSA 126-U, to protect the resident, other residents present, the staff, and the general public.
Physical Intervention means a technique used on an emergency basis by an individual who is providing care or service to a Member to restrict the movement of the Member by direct physical contact to prevent the Member from seriously harming self or others.
Physical Intervention means any intervention by the Provider’s staff requiring the use of physical restraint or force against or in response to a Service User.
Physical Intervention means the touching or holding of a learner without the use of force for the purpose of directing the learner.
Physical Intervention as used in this Settlement Agreement is defined as “behavioral restraint” as defined in Cal. Ed. Code § 49005.1(a).