Definition of Research Documentation

Research Documentation means any and all documents, records, accounts, notes, reports (including, without limitation, the progress reports and the final report prepared pursuant to Article 5) and other data relating to the Program, whether in written, electronic, video or other tangible form created by AMC or by a third party on behalf of AMC.

Examples of Research Documentation in a sentence

Universal shall retain all Research Documentation and store such research Documentation securely for at least *** years from completion of such Research Documentation.
TRID combines TRB's Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) Database and the International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) Database, offering users the worlds' largest and most comprehensive resource on published and on--going transportation research information.
Universal shall notify Adaptimmune prior to any destruction of any Research Documentation and afford Adaptimmune the opportunity to take over storage of such Research Documentation.
AstraZeneca or its authorized representatives shall have the right, during regular business hours and with reasonable notice, to: (a) inspect the facilities used in the performance of the Research; (b) monitor the conduct of the Research; and (c) review, copy and audit during the Retention Period all Research Documentation and any other books, records, and data relating to the Research.
AMC shall maintain the Research Documentation for this Program separate from all other records kept by each Researcher for other programs.