Request for Transfer definition

Request for Transfer means a request for transfer sent using the SWIFT Network, as an MT 101 message type;
Request for Transfer means a transfer requested by an employee to another position at the same or lower pay grade and the same or lesser number of weekly hours. Approval of the transfer request shall be subject to the mutual consent of the Board and the Union. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
Request for Transfer shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.2(k) hereof.

Examples of Request for Transfer in a sentence

  • If a change in ownership occurs during the term of the HAP Contract, a Request for Transfer of the Housing Assistance Payments Contract form is executed.

  • A Request for Transfer shall become active as of the date it is received by the Hospital and shall remain so until December following.

  • An eligible employee may submit a Request for Transfer Form and supporting documentation for a hardship transfer to the Talent Acquisition & Operations (Non-Instructional) Department.

  • Faculty must make a formal request by completing the Request for Transfer form and must receive their Dean’s approval.

  • A voluntary transfer is any transfer which is initiated when a teacher submits a Request for Transfer form.

  • A nurse may make a written request for transfer by advising the Hospital and filing a Request for Transfer form indicating her or his name, qualifications, experience, present area of assignment, seniority and requested area of assignment.

  • To transfer coursework from an accredited institution (not KSU) the student completes the Request for Transfer of Graduate Credit form.

  • Annually, a nurse may make a written request for a transfer by advising the Employer and filing a Request for Transfer form provided by the Human Resources Department indicating name, qualifications, experience, present area of assignment, seniority and requested area of assignment/hours of work.

  • Note: For Request for Transfer (RfT) Nordea will use Nordea Sweden as forwarding institution with SWIFT (BIC) address NDEASESS.

  • If the stay of Persons of Exchange in Home/Host Country does not reach the minimum required period (1 semester or 4 months, whichever comes earlier) or goes beyond the dates of exchange, it should be explicitly mentioned in the Final Request for Transfer.

More Definitions of Request for Transfer

Request for Transfer means, an instruction initiated by an Instructing Party which is sent via the Forwarding Bank for onward transmission as an MT 101 to the Executing Bank with the intent of the instruction being executed by the Executing Bank.

Related to Request for Transfer

  • Notice of Conversion or Continuation shall have the meaning provided in Section 2.6(a).

  • transfer of funds means any transaction at least partially carried out by electronic means on behalf of a payer through a payment service provider, with a view to making funds available to a payee through a payment service provider, irrespective of whether the payer and the payee are the same person and irrespective of whether the payment service provider of the payer and that of the payee are one and the same, including:

  • Transfer Form means a standardized form prescribed by the Management Company to be duly filed by the investor to transfer Units and will be stated in this Offering Document.