Representative of the Council definition

Representative of the Council means, the individual appointed by the Council to conduct the enforcement proceedings instituted by the Council or to represent the Council in any appeal proceedings;

Examples of Representative of the Council in a sentence

Where the Representative of the Council or the defendant instructs a qualified lawyer he shall notify the other party and (in the case of contested proceedings) the Enforcement Tribunal of the name of the lawyer concerned in writing as soon as reasonably practicable before the commencement of the substantive hearing before the Enforcement Tribunal.

The Representative of the Council shall notify the defendant and the Enforcement Board of his appointment, as soon as reasonably practicable and, if there is a change of appointment after that date, at the time of such change of appointment.

The schedule and list of continuing functions shall be forwarded to the Site Representative of the Council and of the Association not later than December 1st.

Where the defendant admits a charge on a different basis from that alleged in the Notice the Representative of the Council shall indicate whether he wishes the Enforcement Tribunal to determine the charge as alleged in the Notice.

The application shall be served on the Representative of the Council and the Secretary to the Appeal Tribunal and shall be accompanied by a copy of the decision of the Enforcement Tribunal, and if applicable, the Enforcement Tribunal’s written reasons for its decision.

The term of service for an Elected Representative of the Council and an appointed office position shall be from the completion of final exams of the spring semester through the completion of final exams the spring semester of the following year.

Any non-conflicted Stakeholder may serve on the AD HOC Grievance Panel (“Grievance Panel”) excluding Alternates and Representative of the Council.

Under no circumstances should any Representative of the Council visit the premises of a prospective Tenderer during the period between the tender invitation and the Contract award for that particular Tender without the prior approval of the Head of Legal Services unless the visit related to current contract management and/or operational issues that necessitates visits.

A Representative of the Council is defined as a director, officer or employee, or any other professional adviser or consultant.

If a party declines to provide relevant information, the University’s ability to conduct a prompt, thorough and equitable investigation may be impaired.

Related to Representative of the Council

Authority's Representative means a person authorised to represent the Authority in respect of this Agreement.
Department Representative means the Manager, Engineering Operations, or designate, who shall represent the Landscape Operations Section for the purposes of this Agreement, or such other person who may be subsequently appointed in writing by the Department Representative and so notified to the Contractor;
Advisory representative means any Supervised Person, who in connection with his or her regular functions or duties, normally makes, participates in, or otherwise obtains current information regarding the Purchase or Sale of a Security by the Firm, or whose functions relate to the making of any recommendations with respect to such purchases or sales, and any natural Person in a Control relationship to the Firm who obtains information concerning recommendations made concerning a Purchase or Sale of a Security. This definition includes but is not limited to the following: partner, officer, Manager, investment person, Portfolio Manager and any other Supervised Person of the Firm designated as an “Advisory Representative” from time to time by the Review Officer.
Authorized Company Representative means any officer or other employee of the Company at the time designated to act on behalf of the Company by written certificate furnished to the Authority and the Trustee containing the specimen signature of such person and signed on behalf of the Company by its Chairman, President or a Vice President and its Secretary or an Assistant Secretary.
Representative of a prospective contractor means an officer or director of a corporation, a member or manager of a limited liability corporation, a partner of a partnership or a trustee of a trust of the prospective contractor.
Ministerial Council means the Ministerial Council established under the Participation Agreement;
Principal’s Representative means the person nominated by the Principal or other person from time to time appointed in writing by the Principal to act as the Principal’s Representative for the purposes of the Contract.
Company Representative means the person or persons appointed and approved in writing from time to time by the Company to act on its behalf for overall co- ordination.
Corporate Representative means an Individual authorised by resolution of the directors or other governing body of a body corporate to represent it;
Authority Representative means the representative appointed by the Authority from time to time in relation to this Framework Agreement;
Company Representatives shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.5(a).
Information Commissioner means the UK Information Commissioner and any successor;
Contractor’s Representative means a person authorised to represent the Contractor in respect of this Agreement.
Tribal Council means the governing body of the Band established pursuant to Article X of the Constitution.
Disclosure Representative means the Finance Director, or his or her designee, or such other person as the Issuer shall designate in writing to the Disclosure Dissemination Agent from time to time as the person responsible for providing Information to the Disclosure Dissemination Agent.
Board Representative means such person designated by the Investor to be elected or appointed to the Board of Directors and the Bank Board in accordance with all legal and governance requirements regarding service and election or appointment as a director of the Company or any individual designated as a replacement Board Representative pursuant to Section 5.8(c) hereof.
Representative with respect to a particular Person, any director, officer, employee, agent, consultant, advisor, or other representative of such Person, including legal counsel, accountants, and financial advisors.
Authorized City Representative means the Mayor, City Manager or Director of Finance of the City, or such other Person at the time designated to act on behalf of the City as evidenced by written certificate furnished to the Trustee containing the specimen signature of such Person and signed on behalf of the City by its Mayor. Such certificate may designate an alternate or alternates, each of whom shall be entitled to perform all duties of the Authorized City Representative.
Board of Commissioners means a county board of commissioners.
Factory representative means a representative employed by a person who manufactures or assembles motor vehicles or by a factory branch, for the purpose of making or promoting the sale of its motor vehicles, or for supervising or contacting its dealers or prospective dealers.
Regional council means a regional council within the meaning of the Local Government Act 2002.
National Council means the National Bargaining Council for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry, registered in terms of the Act;
District Representative means the Superintendent of the District, or any other person authorized by the Governing Board of the District to act on behalf of the District under or with respect to this Facilities Lease.
Representative Plaintiffs means, collectively, the representative or lead plaintiffs in each of the Nortel II Actions;
City Representative means the Representative or appointee engaged by the City to supervise the work.
Procurement Representative means the person authorized by ULA’s cognizant procurement organization to administer and/or execute this Contract.