Rekey definition

Rekey means to change or alter a security device that is operated by a key, card, or combination so that a different key, card, or combination is necessary to operate the security device.
Rekey means the process of securely regenerating signing/verification and/or encryption/decryption keys.
Rekey means to change or alter a security

Examples of Rekey in a sentence

  • Rekey Service is available one time during the term of the Plan and includes the rekey of up to 6 keyholes (including deadbolts) and 4 copies of the key(s) total.NOT COVERED: Sliding doors; garage door openers; replacement of deadbolts, knobs, or associated hardware; replacement of locks for any reason; padlocks; gate, window, file cabinet, safe, desk, or mailbox locks; or any other services provided by a locksmith.NOTE: A Trade Call Fee is due for Rekey Service requested.

  • Finalize large projects; Rekey (BRIK 4) to university locks, Phase in energy saving LED lights and lock boxes for track lighting, install outdoor kiln pad kiln and foundry.Consider safety and instructional needs as top priorities; they will need to be essential and ongoing.

  • This component has the following subcomponents: * Initial Registration; * Routine Rekey; * Rekey After Revocation; and * Revocation Request.

  • Issuer CAs must not re-key a Certificate without additional authentication if doing so would allow the Subscriber to use the Certificate beyond the limits described above.Identification and Authentication for Re-key After RevocationA routine re-key after revocation is not supported.

  • Re-key Owner's existing master key system into new keying system.

  • Subscribers may request a new certificate for an existing key pair (technically defined as “renewal”).Generally speaking, both "Rekey" and "Renewal" are commonly described as "Certificate Renewal", focusing on the fact that the old certificate is being replaced with a new certificate and not emphasizing whether or not a new key pair is generated.

  • Re-key after revocation of a Certificate requires the Subscriber to follow the initial validation process that was previously completed to allow the initial issuance of the Certificate.3.4 Identification and Authentication for Revocation RequestAll revocation requests must be authenticated by the Issuing CA.

  • Rekey algorithms of each of the three types of users are presented and the analysis of the algorithms is conducted.

  • This section of the KMP has the following subsections:• Initial Registration,• Routine Re-key,• Re-key After Revocation, and• Revocation Request.

  • Members may choose to delete Registration SA state.(2) Rekey ProtocolA GCKS may periodically update or change the Data SA, by sending rekey information to the group members.

More Definitions of Rekey

Rekey means the process of securely regenerating signing/verification and/or
Rekey means to change a lock to prevent operation of the lock by the previous key, card or combination. Rekeying shall be accomplished by replacing the entire lock, altering the internal order of the tumblers of the lock or changing the combination or magnetic code which operates the lock.

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