Region 5 definition

Region 5 means the local workforce development area/region in Iowa that includes the counties of Pocahontas, Humboldt, Wright, Calhoun, Webster, and Hamilton. The comprehensive one-stop center in the Region is located at: 3 Triton Circle, Fort Dodge, Iowa 51301.
Region 5 means the original grouping of Member States in Central and Southern Africa as contemplated in the definition of

Examples of Region 5 in a sentence

  • The “Regional Administrator” is defined as the Region 5 Administrator, U.S. EPA, located at 77 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60604.

  • If the Delivery Origin is in Albany County (Region 3), and the delivery location is in Westchester County (Region 5), the Delivery Allowance is $280.

  • Publicly available docket materials are available either electronically in or in hard copy at the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5, Air and Radiation Division, 77 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60604.

  • The notification shall include a copy of such record and shall be sent to the Director (the appropriate Ohio EPA District Office or local air agency) and the U.S. EPA (Region 5) within 45 days after the exceedance occurs.

  • The Regional Administrator of EPA Region 5 or his designee, unless at some time in the future the Tribe receives authority to administer the NPDES program and assumes jurisdiction over the permit; at which time, the Director/Chairman of the Tribal program receiving authorization becomes the issuing authority.

  • For more information and guidance on NetDMR, please view the following web page: 2.2.3 DMRs submitted using NetDMR shall be submitted to EPA, Region 5 by the 21st day of the month (April, July, October, January) following the quarter for which the monitoring was completed.

  • The permittee shall notify the Director (the appropriate Ohio EPA District Office or local air agency) and the U.S. EPA (Region 5) in writing of any record from d)(4) showing that the perchloroethylene usage limitation of 2100 gallons per rolling, 12-month period specified in b)(1) was exceeded.

  • If the Delivery Origin is in Albany County (Region 3), and the delivery location is in Westchester County (Region 5), the Delivery Allowance is $275.

  • The Responsible Official of a facility is defined Part II.D.13: For NetDMR, the person(s) viewing, editing, signing and submitting the DMRs will need to register (if not already done so) for a new account managed by the EPA Region 5.

  • The regional study area focuses on utilizing existing instrumentation at these stations, as well as instruments that are already planned for the future.

More Definitions of Region 5

Region 5 means the area within M.U.s 5-1 to 5-15; "Region 6" means the area within M.U.s 6-1 to 6-30; "Region 7" means the area within M.U.s 7-1 to 7-58;
Region 5 means the area within M.U.s 5−1 to 5−15; "Region 6" means the area within M.U.s 6−1 to 6−30; "Region 7" means the area within M.U.s 7−1 to 7−58;
Region 5 means Region 5 Education Service Center.

Related to Region 5

  • Region means the Control Areas and Transmission Facilities with respect to which a Party serves as RTO or Reliability Coordinator under NERC policies and procedures.

  • Michigan economic development corporation means the public body corporate created under section 28 of article VII of the state constitution of 1963 and the urban cooperation act of 1967, 1967 (Ex Sess) PA 7, MCL 124.501 to 124.512, by a contractual interlocal agreement effective April 5, 1999, as amended, between local participating economic development corporations formed under the economic development corporations act, 1974 PA 338, MCL 125.1601 to 125.1636, and the Michigan strategic fund. If the Michigan economic development corporation is unable for any reason to perform its duties under this act, those duties may be exercised by the Michigan strategic fund.

  • School district of residence means the school district

  • Commercial domicile means the principal place from which the trade or business of the taxpayer is directed or managed.

  • Commercial Development means any development on private land that is not heavy industrial or residential. The category includes, but is not limited to: hospitals, laboratories and other medical facilities, educational institutions, recreational facilities, plant nurseries, car wash facilities, mini-malls and other business complexes, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, public warehouses and other light industrial complexes.

  • India means the territory of India and includes the territorial sea and airspace above it, as well as any other maritime zone in which India has sovereign rights, other rights and jurisdiction, according to the Indian law and in accordance with international law, including the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea;

  • Resident school district means the public school district in which the student resides.

  • Commercial or marketing purpose means the sale of student data; or its use or disclosure for purposes of receiving remuneration, whether directly or indirectly; the use of student data for advertising purposes, or to develop, improve, or market products or services to students.

  • Regional District means the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George.

  • Outside North America For holders located outside North America, present the certificates(s) and/or document(s) that require a guarantee to a local financial institution that has a corresponding Canadian or American affiliate which is a member of an acceptable Medallion Signature Guarantee Program. The corresponding affiliate will arrange for the signature to be over-guaranteed. OR The signature(s) of the transferor(s) must correspond with the name(s) as written upon the face of this certificate(s), in every particular, without alteration or enlargement, or any change whatsoever. The signature(s) on this form must be guaranteed by an authorized officer of Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank or TD Canada Trust whose sample signature(s) are on file with the transfer agent, or by a member of an acceptable Medallion Signature Guarantee Program (STAMP, SEMP, NYSE, MSP). Notarized or witnessed signatures are not acceptable as guaranteed signatures. The Guarantor must affix a stamp bearing the actual words: “SIGNATURE GUARANTEED”, “MEDALLION GUARANTEED” OR “SIGNATURE & AUTHORITY TO SIGN GUARANTEE”, all in accordance with the transfer agent’s then current guidelines and requirements at the time of transfer. For corporate holders, corporate signing resolutions, including certificate of incumbency, will also be required to accompany the transfer unless there is a “SIGNATURE & AUTHORITY TO SIGN GUARANTEE” Stamp affixed to the Form of Transfer obtained from an authorized officer of the Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank or TD Canada Trust or a “MEDALLION GUARANTEED” Stamp affixed to the Form of Transfer, with the correct prefix covering the face value of the certificate.

  • AT&T SOUTHEAST REGION 9-STATE means the AT&T owned ILEC(s) doing business in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

  • American Indian means those persons for whom services may be provided as an Indian pursuant to 25 USC 1603(13), 1603(28), or 1679(a), or 42 CFR § 136.12.

  • Next Michigan development corporation means that term as defined in section 3 of the next Michigan development act, 2010 PA 275, MCL 125.2953.

  • Commercial Development Plan means the written commercialization plan attached as Appendix E.

  • School district means a public school district.

  • AT&T INDIANA means the AT&T owned ILEC doing business in Indiana.

  • Union territory means the territory of—

  • Rural area means any county with a population of fewer than twenty thousand individuals. "Small business concern," as used in this clause, means a concern, including its affiliates, that is

  • Development District means Municipal Development District No. 4 in the City, which is described in the corresponding Development Program.

  • Natural area means an area of the rural or non-urban environment which is in an unspoilt natural state or is of high scenic value, and includes, but is not limited to, national parks, game reserves, nature reserves, marine reserves, wilderness areas, areas of extensive agriculture and scenic areas;

  • Area of Specialty means the description of an MBE or WBE firm’s business which has been determined by the Chief Procurement Officer to be most reflective of the MBE or WBE firm’s claimed specialty or expertise. Each MBE/WBE letter of certification contains a description of the firm’s Area of Specialty. This information is also contained in the Directory (defined below). Credit toward this Contract’s MBE and WBE participation goals shall be limited to the participation of firms performing within their Area of Specialty.

  • Geographic Service Area or “Service Area” means an area as defined in Section 1345(k) of the Health and Safety Code.

  • AT&T OKLAHOMA means the AT&T owned ILEC doing business in Oklahoma.

  • AT&T MISSISSIPPI means the AT&T owned ILEC doing business in Mississippi.

  • the Territory means the sub-Saharan Continent, south of the 15N latitude.

  • Youth Football means those participating at ages under 11s to under 18s.