Rebate Requirement definition

Rebate Requirement means the amount of arbitrage profits earned from the investment of gross proceeds of Tax-exempt Bonds in nonpurpose investments described in Section 148(f)(2) of the Code and defined as “Rebate Amount” in Section 1.148-3 of the Treasury Regulations, which is payable to the United States at the times and in the amounts specified in such provisions.
Rebate Requirement means the Rebate Requirement defined in the Tax Certificate.
Rebate Requirement has the meaning ascribed thereto in the Tax Certificate.

Examples of Rebate Requirement in a sentence

  • All money at any time deposited in the Rebate Fund shall be held by the Trustee in trust, to the extent required to satisfy the Rebate Requirement, for payment to the United States of America.

More Definitions of Rebate Requirement

Rebate Requirement means, for each Bond Year, at any time the excess of the future value of all Receipts over the future value of all Rebate Payments. For purposes of calculating the Rebate Requirement the Bond Yield shall be used to determine the future value of Receipts and Rebate Payments in accordance with Regulations section 1.148-3(c). The Rebate Requirement is zero for any Nonpurpose Investment meeting the requirements of a rebate exception under section 148(f)(4) of the Code or Regulations section 1.148-7.
Rebate Requirement means, collectively, the requirements applicable to tax-exempt bonds under Section 148(f)(2) and (3) of the Tax Code.
Rebate Requirement means the Rebate Requirement defined in the Tax
Rebate Requirement means, as of any particular date of calculation with respect to a Series of Bonds, the amount required to be on deposit in the Rebate Fund as required by the Acquisition and Operating Policy, but which amount shall in no event be less than an amount sufficient to provide for the Payment of any Rebate Amount as specified by a Rebate Analyst.
Rebate Requirement means, with respect to any Series of Bonds, the Rebate Requirement determined in accordance with the Tax Certificate delivered in connection with such Series of Bonds.
Rebate Requirement has the meaning assigned to such term in the Tax Certificate.
Rebate Requirement means the amount, if any, which is to be paid to the United States of America pursuant to Section 148(f) of the Code and Section 5.01 hereof or to reduce the yield on investments to the yield on the Bonds pursuant to Section 148 of the Code.