Certificate Group definition

Certificate Group. Each Class of Combinable Certificates included within any particular “Recombination” specified in the Schedule together with the Class or Classes of RCR Certificates included in such “Recombination”.
Certificate Group. As specified in the Preliminary Statement.
Certificate Group. Either of Certificate Group One or Certificate Group Two.

Examples of Certificate Group in a sentence

  • The class was divided into 2 groups: those who had studied accounting for the Leaving Certificate (Group A) and those who had not (Group B).

  • If sufficient market demand is established, a full National Certificate Group Award may be developed in future.

  • It is an Intersegmental General Education Transfer Certificate Group 6A course; Language other than English (UC Only) also meets the UC E (Language other than English) requirement.

  • At that meeting the National Certificate of Capacity was extensively discussed and formal submissions were made by one of the members of the group (C McKenzie) to the representatives of the Electronic Claim Form and Medical Certificate Group.

  • According to the Meta Certificate Group (MCG, http://mcg.org.br/), the centralized architecture of traditional certificates won't work in the distributed environment of the Internet.

More Definitions of Certificate Group

Certificate Group. The Group 1 Certificates or Group 2 Certificates, as the context requires.
Certificate Group. Each of the Group 1 Certificates and the Group 2 Certificates.
Certificate Group. Not applicable.
Certificate Group. Any of Certificate Group I, Certificate Group II, Certificate Group III, Certificate Group IV or Certificate Group V, as applicable.
Certificate Group. The Group I Certificates or the Group II Certificates, as applicable.