Qualified vendor definition

Qualified vendor means a vendor who:
Qualified vendor means any person or entity that has an agreement with the Division of Developmental Disabilities.
Qualified vendor or “vendor” means:

Examples of Qualified vendor in a sentence

  • The Qualified Vendor shall not use or release these materials without the prior written consent of the State.

  • The Qualified Vendor is not entitled to a patent or copyright on those materials and may not transfer the patent or copyright to anyone else.

  • The State of Arizona in no way warrants that the above-required minimum insurer rating is sufficient to protect the Qualified Vendor from potential insurer insolvency.

  • In the event the Qualified Vendor or subcontractor(s) is/are a public entity, then the Insurance Requirements shall not apply.

  • If, by error, Qualified Vendor or its agent accepts any service of process, a copy shall immediately be forwarded to the child’s Support Coordinator and shall also contain a transmittal memorandum that indicates the date the legal document was received, the person receiving it and the place of service, as well as the child to whom it refers.

More Definitions of Qualified vendor

Qualified vendor means a person with a contract or agreement to sell goods or services to a manufacturer, distributor or importer.
Qualified vendor means an entity under contract with a health care provider that will submit data to the department according to formats the department specifies in its data submis- sion manual.
Qualified vendor means an entity that:
Qualified vendor means any person or entity that has an Agreement with the Division of Developmental Disabilities.
Qualified vendor means a provider of community developmental disability services that has applied for Qualified Vendor status, meets the criteria for Qualified Vendor status, and has entered into a Qualified Vendor Agreement with the Division.
Qualified vendor means any person or entity that has a
Qualified vendor means that the vendor can provide appropriate licenses if licenses are required; meets city, county, and state ordinances, as required; and must have an EIN. Qualified vendors compete for bid awards based on criteria specified in Appendices D and F.