Qualified vendor definition

Qualified vendor means a vendor who:
Qualified vendor means any person or entity that has an agreement with the Division of Developmental Disabilities.
Qualified vendor or “vendor” means:

Examples of Qualified vendor in a sentence

Qualified vendor attorney" means an attorney who has a price agreement with the Department to process the adoption of a child who is eligible for adoption assistance.

Qualified vendor sources, which meet the standards of quality, price, and delivery, will be used in all occasions unless the commodity is not readily available from an established vendor.

Qualified vendor shall deliver the original Certificate of Insurance and one copy to the agent of the COMMISSION.

Qualified vendor shall submit the design of double leaf automatic sliding door for approval.

Qualified vendor certificate.(a) The qualified vendor certificate states that the named vendor has com- pleted the educational and training requirements for the Business Enterprise Pro- gram (BEP) and is qualified to operate a BEP facility.

More Definitions of Qualified vendor

Qualified vendor means an Oklahoma entity which provides goods or services to a production company and for which:
Qualified vendor means a person with a contract or agreement to sell goods or services
Qualified vendor means a person with a contract or agreement to sell goods or services to a manufacturer, distributor or importer.
Qualified vendor means an entity that:
Qualified vendor means a provider of community developmental disability services that has applied for Qualified Vendor status, meets the criteria for Qualified Vendor status, and has entered into a Qualified Vendor Agreement with the Division.
Qualified vendor is defined in Recital F hereof.
Qualified vendor means a supplier of criminal history infor- mation who is approved by the Department of Human Services as having access to substantially the same criminal offender information as the Law Enforcement Data System.