Per Share Value definition

Per Share Value means the average value of the consideration to be received in respect of each outstanding Common Share pursuant to the Qualifying Transaction as determined by mutual agreement of the Independent Directors (as defined in Section 2(b)(i) below) and the holders of a majority in interest of all outstanding warrants to purchase Common Shares containing this provision, or, if they shall fail to agree, by an Investment Bank.
Per Share Value shall be $1.00 per share of Common Stock, subject to adjustment as provided in Section 5(f) hereof.
Per Share Value means an amount equal to the sum of (i) fifty percent (50.0%) of the Per Share Cash Amount plus (ii) the product of (A) the Exchange Ratio, (B) the Average Parent Stock Price and (C) fifty percent (50.0%).

Examples of Per Share Value in a sentence

  • Implied Per Share Value of Express Scripts Merger Consideration March 7, 2018 .

  • Salesforce Common Stock Slack Class A Common Stock Implied Per Share Value of Merger Consideration November 24, 2020 .

  • Range: 8.9x – 12.5x 4.8x – 12.0x Median: 11.0x 10.5x 50 Based on its professional judgment and after taking into consideration, among other things, the observed data for the selected companies as of March 23, 2018, XX XXXXXXX developed the following reference ranges of trading valuation multiples for the selected companies and applied them to Finish Line’s financial statistics: EV as a Multiple of: Company Metric (mm) Range of Multiples Implied Per Share Value LTM EBITDA .

  • The Company Per Share Value shall equal the quotient determined by dividing the Purchase Price by the fully diluted number of shares of Company common stock outstanding immediately prior to the close of this transaction (reflecting all shares subject to the Company Options, without applying the treasury method).

  • Chevron Common Stock Noble Energy Common Stock Implied Per Share Value of Merger Consideration July 17, 2020 .

More Definitions of Per Share Value

Per Share Value means the per share New York Stock Exchange closing price for the Company's common stock on the date of determination.
Per Share Value means the product of (i) the Exchange Ratio, multiplied by (ii) $10.00.
Per Share Value has the meaning set forth in Section 11.06(b).
Per Share Value means the midpoint value per share of New Dana Holdco Common Stock as set forth in the Disclosure Statement, subject to modification by the Confirmation Order.
Per Share Value means, as of the date of measurement, the average weighted closing sale price per share of Parent Common Stock as reported on the stock exchange which holds Parent’s primary listing for the five consecutive trading days ending on the date that is one trading day immediately preceding the date of measurement (in each case as adjusted as appropriate to reflect any stock splits, stock dividends, combinations, reorganizations, reclassifications or similar events).
Per Share Value means, in the event of a Qualified Public Offering, the initial public offering price, and in the event of a Sale Transaction, the Acquisition Value divided by the total number of shares of Common Stock outstanding after giving effect to this conversion and including the total number of shares issuable pursuant to options to purchase Common Stock of the Company that are vested at the time of conversion.
Per Share Value means the per share New