Rollover Options definition

Rollover Options has the meaning specified in the preamble hereto.
Rollover Options means the options to acquire Class A Stock resulting from the assumption by dMY and conversion at the effective time of the Merger of each IonQ Stock Option that is issued and outstanding immediately prior to the effective time of the Merger into an option to acquire Class A Stock at an adjusted exercise price per share, subject to the terms and conditions as were applicable to the corresponding IonQ Stock Option immediately prior to the effective time of the Merger, including applicable vesting conditions and exercisability terms.

Examples of Rollover Options in a sentence

  • Further information on direct roll overs and withholding can be found in the notice titled "Your Rollover Options", which is attached to this form.If your benefit is more than $500 you may choose to have only part of the distribution directly rolled over, and to have the rest paid to you.

  • If you would like to withdraw your consent to receive electronic delivery of the Special Tax Notice: Your Rollover Options, contact CalSTRS and request to receive this notice and application as a written paper document at no charge.

  • The Rollover Options shall be subject to the same terms and conditions as those applicable to the Options held prior to the Merger of Equals, including, but not limited to, exercisability and Option Period, except as hereinafter provided.

  • Software Requirements – The software requirements needed to access and retain this Special Tax Notice: Your Rollover Options follow:• Internet Explorer, Version 7.0 and above• Mozilla Firefox, Version 3.0 and above• Apple Safari, Version 3.0 and above• Google Chrome, Version 4.0 and aboveUse Adobe® Reader® to view, print and save this notice and other CalSTRS important online documents.

  • If the Aggregate Value consists of consideration other than New Securities, the Board shall make appropriate adjustments to the number of Rollover Options and the exercise price thereof.

More Definitions of Rollover Options

Rollover Options means, collectively, the vested options retained by certain Management Stockholders under the Incentive Plan, to purchase shares of Common Stock on the terms set forth therein and in the Stock Option Agreements issued pursuant thereto.
Rollover Options means all options to purchase Shares granted in accordance with the Company Plan held by the Rollover Persons or any of their respective Affiliates immediately prior to the Effective Time;
Rollover Options has the meaning provided in Subsection 3.1(h).
Rollover Options has the meaning set forth in the LTIP.
Rollover Options means Options granted to a Participant to replace Prior Options.
Rollover Options shall have the meaning set forth in the fourth “whereas” paragraph.