Affected Party Sample Clauses

Affected Party. An affected Party means the Procurer or the Seller whose performance has been affected by an event of Force Majeure.An event of Force Majeure affecting the CTU/STU or any other agent of Procurer, which has affected the Interconnection Facilities, shall be deemed to be an event of Force Majeure affecting Procurer.Any event of Force Majeure affecting the performance of the Seller's contractors shall be deemed to be an event of Force Majeure affecting Seller only if the Force Majeure event is affecting and resulting in:
Affected Party. A Party affected by Force Majeure shall take reasonable measures to remove such Party’s inability to fulfill the terms and conditions of this Contract with a minimum of delay. The settlement of strikes or other labor stoppages shall be entirely at the discretion of the affected Party and the above-mentioned requirement that any Force Majeure shall be remedied with reasonable dispatch.
Affected Party. If a Participant or the Operator (“Affected Party”):
Affected Party. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, no agreement, waiver or supplement hereto shall add, modify or waive any provisions to the Credit Documents, or change in any manner the rights of the Lenders or any Borrower Party hereunder or thereunder, so as to:
Affected Party. Agent or Co-Administrative Agent to demand additional amounts pursuant to subsection 2.4(a) with respect to any period shall not constitute a waiver of the right of such Note Purchaser, Affected Party, Agent or Co-Administrative Agent, as the case may be, to demand compensation with respect to such period. All such amounts shall be due and payable to such Agent on behalf of such Note Purchaser or Affected Party or to such Agent or Co-Administrative Agent for its own account, as the case may be, on the Distribution Date following receipt by the Issuer of such certificate, if such certificate is received by the Issuer at least five Business Days prior to the Determination Date related to such Distribution Date and otherwise shall be due and payable on the following Distribution Date (or, if earlier, on the Final Scheduled Distribution Date).
Affected Party. An ‘Affected Party’ means SPD or SPPD, whose performance has been affected by an event of Force Majeure.
Affected Party. The Party affected shall take appropriate measures to minimize or remove the effects of the event of Force Majeure and, within the shortest time possible, shall attempt to resume performance of the obligations affected by the event of force majeure.
Affected Party. The party who has suffered the Force Majeure (“the Affected Party”) shall notify the other party without delay of any such incidents occurring and the parties shall discuss the effects of such incidents on this Agreement and the measures to be taken.
Affected Party. The term “Affected Party” shall mean INVO, Arredondo or Ramirez, and their respective permitted successors and assigns, if such party is a party to or affected by a Transfer of Shares.
Affected Party bears the onus of proving that it has complied with its obligations under paragraph (a).