prospective retailer definition

prospective retailer means a person who deals with a supplier for the right to be a retailer.

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  • Prospective review means utilization review conducted prior to an admission or a course of treatment.

  • Retrospective review means a review of medical necessity conducted after services have been provided to a patient, but does not include the review of a claim that is limited to an evaluation of reimbursement levels, veracity of documentation, accuracy of coding, or adjudication for payment.

  • Adaptive Reuse means a proposed development that will be repurposed from what it was originally built and designed for. Except where stated otherwise, rehabilitation requirements in Threshold apply to Adaptive Reuse projects.

  • Administrative Review means any decision making process of the director requested by a party aggrieved with an action taken under these rules except the hearing process described in OAR 436-001.

  • Competitive Real Estate Commission means a real estate or brokerage commission for the purchase or sale of property that is reasonable, customary, and competitive in light of the size, type, and location of the property.

  • Prospective party means a person that discusses with a prospective collaborative lawyer the possibility of signing a collaborative law participation agreement.

  • Prospective employee means an assessed individual who is anticipated to be hired upon completion of training.

  • Toll Free Service means service provided with any dialing sequence that invokes Toll Free, i.e., 800-like, service processing. Toll Free Service currently includes calls to the Toll Free Service 800/888/877/866 NPA SAC codes. “Toll VoIP-PSTN Traffic” is VoIP-PSTN Traffic that physically originates and terminates in different Local Calling Areas as determined by the Commission.

  • Prospective Customer means any person, firm, company or other organisation with whom the Company has had any negotiations or material discussions regarding the possible supply of goods or services by the Company.

  • Prospective donor means an individual who is dead or near death and has been determined by a procurement organization to have a part that could be medically suitable for transplantation, therapy, research, or education. The term does not include an individual who has made a refusal.

  • Prospective contractor means a person who is subject to the competitive sealed proposal process set forth in the Procurement Code or is not required to submit a competitive sealed proposal because that person qualifies for a sole source or a small purchase contract.

  • Free Services means the Subscription Service or other products or features made available by us to you on an unpaid trial or free basis.

  • Wholesale Service means Telecommunication Services that Sprint provides at retail to subscribers who are not telecommunications carriers as set forth in 47 USC § 251(c)(4) which Sprint provides to resellers at a wholesale rate.

  • prospective sale means a sale which is intended to be made in the future, upon the occurrence of a stated event, whether or not the occurrence of the event is certain;

  • Representative of a prospective contractor means an officer or director of a corporation, a member or manager of a limited liability corporation, a partner of a partnership or a trustee of a trust of the prospective contractor.

  • Selective Routing is a service which automatically routes an E911 call to the PSAP that has jurisdictional responsibility for the service address of the telephone that dialed 911, irrespective of telephone company exchange or Wire Center boundaries.

  • Prospective tenant means a tenant or a person who has

  • Self-service display means the open display or storage of Tobacco Products or Tobacco Paraphernalia in a manner that is physically accessible in any way to the general public without the assistance of the retailer or employee of the retailer and a direct person-to-person transfer between the purchaser and the retailer or employee of the retailer. A vending machine is a form of Self-Service Display.

  • Selective Router means the equipment necessary for Selective Routing. "Selective Routing" is the automatic routing of 911/E911 calls to the PSAP that has jurisdictional responsibility for the service address of the caller, irrespective of telephone company exchange or Wire Center boundaries. Selective Routing may also be used for other services.

  • Investor Relations Activities means any activities, by or on behalf of the Company or a shareholder of the Company, that promote or reasonably could be expected to promote the purchase or sale of securities of the Company, but does not include:

  • Head of Paid Service means the person designated as such by the Council under Section 4 of the 1989 Act

  • Narrative Report means, with respect to the financial statements for which such narrative report is required, a narrative report describing the operations of Holdings and its Subsidiaries in the form prepared for presentation to senior management thereof for the applicable month, Fiscal Quarter or Fiscal Year and for the period from the beginning of the then current Fiscal Year to the end of such period to which such financial statements relate.

  • Participating public employer means a public employer as defined in ORS 238.005 that

  • Prospective Student means an Applicant for admission to an Educational Institution.

  • Eligible Services means only those services detailed in the sub-section titled Eligible Services.

  • Outside salesperson means any person, 18 years of age or over, who customarily and regularly works more than half the working time away from the employer’s place of business selling tangible or intangible items or obtaining orders or contracts for products, services or use of facilities.